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    Grunt task to bundle assets from a TAO Extension.


    The TAO software architecture is based on atomic components called extensions. Each extension provides it's own source code (client and server side code). TAO extensions can be dependent on other extensions.

    In order to create bundles that doesn't impact the extension dependency model, we bundle the code for a given extension only, no matter if an asset is dependent of an asset in another extension.

    This task produce bundles sandboxed to a given extension.

    The task is made of 2 steps :

    1. The bundling, based on the configuration, we aggregate the assets of the extension, into a single file. Since the TAO client source code is managed using AMD modules and use some requirejs internals, we use the r.js optimizer to parse the dependency tree and bundle the assets. We don't use it to minimify the resources.
    2. The transform step is used to either transpile the code, using Babel 7 (still experimental) or UglifyJs to compress and minimify it.

    tao bundler concept

    Getting Started

    This plugin requires node.js >= 8.6.0 and to be installed along with Grunt. To add install it :

    npm install @oat-sa/grunt-tao-bundle --save-dev

    The "tao-bundle" task


    In your project's Gruntfile, add a section named bundle to the data object passed into grunt.initConfig() or grunt.config.merge().

      bundle: {
        options: {
            amd : require('config/amd.json')
        taoce : {
            options : {
                extension : 'taoCe',
                extensionPath : root + '/taoCe/views/js',
                outputDir : 'loader',
                bundles : [{
                    name : 'taoCe',
                    default : true,
                    babel: true


    Option Type Description Scope Example value
    amd Object The AMD/requirejs configuration All extensions, all bundles
    amd.baseUrl String Relative path to resolve the AMD modules All extensions, all bundles ../js
    amd.paths Object The list of AMD paths/alias All extensions, all bundles
    amd.shim Object the AMD shim configuration All extensions, all bundle
    amd.vendor String[] A list of vendor modules All extensions, all bundle ['lodash', 'core/**/*']
    amd.exclude String[] A list of modules to always exclude All extensions, all bundle ['mathJax', 'ckeditor']
    amd.bootstrap String[] A list of module to include to bootstrap a bundle All extensions, all bundle ['loader/bootrstrap']
    amd.default String[] A list of modules to include for default bundles. It's the default pattern for TAO extension source code. All extensions, all bundle ['controller/**/*', 'component/**/*', 'provider/**/*']
    paths Object Additional list of paths/alias The current extension
    workDir String The temporary working directory to copy the sources and generates the bundles The current extension output
    outputDir String The directory (inside the workDir) where the bundles will be generated The current extension loader
    extension String The name of the current extension The current extension taoQtiTest
    rootExtension String The name of the root extension (the one with no prefix in AMD and that contains the libs and SDK) All extensions tao
    dependencies String[] The list of extension dependencies, the code from a dependency is excluded from the bundle. The current extensions ['taoItems', 'taoTests', 'taoQtiItem']
    allowExternal String[] Allow external dependency into the bundle. It's not a good practice, but this can be used for aliases. Allow them to be included without the bundler to warn you about forbidden dependency. The current extensions ['qtiInfoControlContext']
    getExtensionPath Function A function that resolves the path to the JS files from an extension All extensions extension => root + '/' + extension + '/views/js'
    getExtensionCssPath Function A function that resolves the path to the CSS files from an extension All extensions extension => root + '/' + extension + '/views/css'
    bundles Object[] The bundles configuration The current extensions String The bundle name without the file extension The current bundle vendor or taoQtiTest
    bundle.vendor Boolean When true, the bundle will include ONLY the libraries from amd.vendor (Default : false) The current bundle
    bundle.bootstrap Boolean When true, the bundle will include the modules from amd.bootstrap (Default : false) The current bundle
    bundle.entryPoint String Define an entryPoint for the bundle. Useful to create a separate bundle for a given entryPoint The current bundle 'controller/login'
    bundle.default Boolean When true, the bundle will include the modules from amd.default (Default : false) The current bundle
    bundle.include String[] A list of additional module to add to the bundle, especially when modules are not in the correct folder. The current bundle ['taoQtiItem/qtiCommonRenderer/**/*']
    bundle.exclude String[] A list of additional module to exclude from the bundle, but if module has nested dependencies that are part of the built file The current bundle ['taoQtiItem/qtiItem/test/**/*']
    bundle.excludeNested String[] A list of module to exclude from the bundle. Excludes all nested dependencies from the built file The current bundle ['taoQtiItem/qtiItem/test/**/*']
    bundle.dependencies String[] Override the extension dependency loading : if set, loads the exact list of module The current bundle ['taoQtiItem/loader/taoQtiItemRunner.min']
    bundle.babel Boolean Experimental When true, the bundle will use Babel to transpile the code (Default : false) The current bundle
    bundle.uglify Boolean When true, the bundle will be minimified (Default : true) The current bundle
    bundle.package Object[] Extends packages to the bundle (Default : []) The current bundle [{ name: 'codemirror', location: '../../../tao/views/node_modules/codemirror', main: 'lib/codemirror'}]


    The configuration from the tao extension :

        bundle : {
            //define the global options for all extensions' tasks
            options: {
                rootExtension        : 'tao',
                getExtensionPath     : extension => `${root}/${extension}/views/js`,
                getExtensionCssPath  : extension => `${root}/${extension}/views/css`,
                amd                  : require('../config/'),
                workDir              : 'output',
                outputDir            : 'loader'
            tao : {
                options : {
                    extension : 'tao',
                    bundles : [{
                        //bundles sources from amd.vendor
                        name   : 'vendor',
                        vendor : true
                    }, {
                        //bundles sources from controller/login with amd.bootstrap
                        name      : 'login',
                        bootstrap : true,
                        default   : false,
                        entryPoint: 'controller/login'
                    }, {
                        //bundles sources from amd/default, amd.boostrap and the includes
                        name      : 'tao',
                        bootstrap : true,
                        default   : true,
                        include   : ['layout/**/*', 'form/**/*', 'lock', 'report', 'users']

    The configuration from the taoQtiItem extension :

        bundle : {
            taoqtiitem : {
                options : {
                    extension : 'taoQtiItem',
                    dependencies : ['taoItems']
                    //the source code of this extension relies on custom alias, so we can add them
                    paths : {
                        'qtiCustomInteractionContext' : `${root}/taoQtiItem/views/js/runtime/qtiCustomInteractionContext`,
                        'qtiInfoControlContext' : `${root}taoQtiItem/views/js/runtime/qtiInfoControlContext`
                    bundles : [{
                        name : 'taoQtiItem',
                        default : true,
                        //we need to list the dependencies manually, since the
                        //sources contains tests in subfoldesr
                        include : [


    npm test

    Release History

    • 0.5.0 Extend optimizer with packages option
    • 0.4.1 Fix paths for the embedded source-maps
    • 0.4.0 Add Jenkins file
    • 0.2.0 Babel implementation
    • 0.1.0 Initial release


    See GPL-2.0


    npm i @oat-sa/grunt-tao-bundle

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