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This plugin aims to make synchronization between MoneyWorks and medusajs as simple as possible.


This plugin provides the following features

  • [x] Synchronize inventory quantity from MoneyWorks
  • [x] Synchronize SKU and barcode from MoneyWorks
  • [x] Run synchronization with scheduled jobs
  • [x] Emit event when invoice is ready

Getting Started

To use this plugin, install it with your package manager

pnpm install @oak-digital/medusa-plugin-moneyworks

Add the plugin to the plugins array in your medusa-config

const plugins = [
  // ...
    resolve: "@oak-digital/medusa-plugin-moneyworks",
    options: {
      host: process.env.MW_HOST, // The hostname for your MoneyWorks datacentre
      port: process.env.MW_PORT, // The port for the REST api of your MoneyWorks datacentre
      username: process.env.MW_USERNAME, // The server username 
      password: process.env.MW_PASSWORD, // The server password
      dataFile: process.env.MW_DATA_FILE, // The path to the datafile, should not be url encoded
      dataFileUsername: process.env.MW_DATA_FILE_USERNAME,
      dataFilePassword: process.env.MW_DATA_FILE_PASSWORD,
      scheduledSyncString: "0 0 2 ? * * *", // a cron string for when the sync should run, default "0 0 2 ? * * *"
      moneyworksSecret: process.env.MW_SECRET, // A secret to use to make endpoints under /moneyworks work. Should be discussed with moneyworks.
      invoiceForm: process.env.MW_INVOICE_FORM, // Which form to use for the generated invoice (Optional)
      defaultContra: process.env.MW_CONTRA, // The contra field to use for transactions
      handlebars: Handlebars, // optional. If you want your own handlebars with helpers you can use this here
      transactionNameCodeTemplate: 'WEB_{{ shipping_address.country_code }}', // optional A handlebars template for the namecode on the transaction. Defaults to "WEB_ORDER"
      transactionStockLocationTemplate: '{{ order.shipping_address.country_code }}' // optional a handlebars template for stock location on line items with the order (key: order) and the line item (key: item) as the context


To make synchronization work, the barcode or SKU should be set on a variant. The synchronization will sync inventory quantity, SKU and barcode.


Whenever an order is created in medusa it will be sent to MoneyWorks as a transaction. Currently it is required to have a name in the names table of MoneyWorks with the namecode WEB_ORDER, which all transactions will be created to.



This event happens just after order.placed

This event happens when MoneyWorks sends a POST request to /moneyworks/invoice-ready with the following fields.

  orderId: number | string, // The display_id of the order
  invoiceId: number | string, // The id/sequencenumber of the invoice in moneyworks

Event data:

  invoice: string, // The invoice pdf as a base64 encoded string
  id: string, // The actual medusa order id (e.g. "order_...")

This event can be used in a notification provider to send a notification with the invoice to the customer.

This can be used as a fallback to send an email to the customer, just without an invoice.


If the invoice could not be fetched from MoneyWorks, this event will be fired instead of order.invoice.ready

Event data:

  id: string, // The medusa order id
  invoiceId: number, // The sequencenumber of the invoice that failed from MoneyWorks

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