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Otter configuration

Super cute Otter!

This package is an Otter Framework Module.


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This module contains configuration-related features (CMS compatibility, configuration override, store and debugging). It comes with an integrated ng builder to help you generate configurations supporting the Otter CMS integration.

How to install

ng add @o3r/configuration

[!WARNING] This module requires @o3r/core to be installed.


The aim of this document is to help developers to implement configuration inside components, in order to be compliant with the cms architecture. This will give the possibility to Business Analysts to configure the application/components.

Component config types

    store config
        │                                                               Input config
        │                                                               (from parent)
        │                   Component default config                          │
        │                      (in config.ts file)                            │
        │                               │                                     │
        │       overrides               │                                     │
        └──────────────────────────────>│                                     │
                                        │                                     │
    global config                       │                                     │
  (no common props)                     │                                     │
        │                               │                                     │
        │                               │                                     │
        │       merge                   │                                     │
        └──────────────────────────────>│                                     │
                                        │                                     │
                                        │                                     │
                                        │           overrides                 │
                                Final component config

A component will have to handle different types of configurations.

Default configuration

  • Each component type will have a default configuration which will be defined in the .config.ts file associated to the component

[!WARNING] The field name 'id' should not be used in the configuration, as we created a unique one for the entity configuration store

Configuration coming from config store

  • Each component type can have a customized config (compliant with the store model). This custom config can be asynchronously loaded from a backend server or it can be injected in the body tag of the app. In both cases, this content will be used to update the store.
  • If present, it will override the default config. (Don't worry for the implementation now, we'll see it later)

Global config

  • The common configuration is the one used in multiple components (it can be a date format, price display, type of input form fields from an angular material input element ...)
  • A common configuration is defined in every library. The application common configuration (global config) will be the result of the merge of all common configurations.
  • The common configuration is not overridden at component type (there will be no properties with the same name in common config and components).
  • At runtime the components can access fields from global configuration thanks to the configuration service

Input config

  • The configuration of a component instance can be overridden via @Input config

The priorities for the config:

  • the highest priority is the one passed as input from a parent component
  • the second priority is the one by component type set in the store
  • the lowest priority is the default config set on the component (in the config.ts file of the component)


Otter framework provides a set of code generators based on angular schematics.

Schematics Description How to use
add Include Otter configuration module in a library / application. ng add @o3r/configuration
configuration-to-component Add configuration to an Otter component ng g configuration-to-component

More details

Find more information in the documentation.

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