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============================================== The Open Realtime Server

deepstream is a new type of server that syncs data and sends events across millions of clients

Changes compared to http://deepstream.io/

The main difference compared with the official deepstream is offline synchronization and conflict resolution supported through the storage layer using databases with eventual consistency such as CouchDB. This allows for e.g. cross datacenter replication and synchronization as well recovery from network partitions.

  • Removed CREATEORREAD, CREATE, DELETE, HAS and SNAPSHOT actions. All records "exists" in the empty form {}. Clients should use READ and UPDATE to achieve the same functionality.
  • Removed PATCH action for more robust and easier conflict management. Clients should send and listen to UPDATE instead.
  • Changed version format to ${version}-${uuid} for offline conflict resolution.
  • Removed VERSION_EXISTS and moved version and conflict management into storage layer. Highest ${version}-${uuid} wins until conflict is resolved.
  • Removed cache connector. Instead all nodes have their own in-memory LRU cache which is distributed and shared between nodes.
  • Sync changes and conflict resolution from storage connector by listening on the storage.on('change', (recordName, version, data)) => {}. See https://github.com/nxtedition/deepstream.io/blob/master/examples/couchdb-storage-connector.js for an example of how to implement a storage connector.
  • Compress record data for reduced bandwidth and cache size.




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