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    This repo is for generating accurate and useful types from ServiceNow's Documentation.


    npm i -D @nuvolo/servicenow-types

    Type Packages

    Currently there are three type packages available server,client,and util.


    This contains the server-side types for ServiceNow's backend such as GlideRecord, GlideAggregate and so on.

    GlideRecord as a generic type

    GlideRecord has been converted to a generic type, that means that you can get some really rich type completions by creating types for your tables!

    import { GlideRecord, GlideElement } from '@nuvolo/servicenow-types';
    import { ReferenceGlideElement } from '@nuvolo/servicenow-types/util';
    interface MyTableOne {
      field_one: GlideElement;
      field_two: ReferenceGlideElement<MyTableTwo>;
    interface MyTableTwo {
      field_three: GlideElement;
    // Set up a GlideRecord for my_table_one and pass the type for that table
    const myTableGR = new GlideRecord<MyTableOne>('my_table_one');
     * Methods like addQuery will:
     * 1. Suggest fields from the table
     * 2. Prevent using fields that aren't on the table
     * 3. Suggest operators
    myTableGR.addQuery('field_one', '=', 'asdf');
     * The Gliderecord will:
     * 1. Expose field properties as type GlideElement or ReferenceGlideElement,
     *    which makes you use getValue/setValue.
     * 2. Correctly resolve getRefRecord on ReferenceGlideElements
     *    (tableTwoGR is now a GlideRecord for MyTableTwo)
    const tableTwoGR = myTableGR.field_two.getRefRecord();


    This contains client-side types for ServiceNow such as GlideAjax.


    This package is for convenience types.


    ReferenceGlideElement is a utility type for using getRefRecord(). It makes your table interfaces more powerful.

    import { GlideRecord, GlideElement } from "@nuvolo/servicenow-types/server";
    import { TypedGR, ReferenceGlideElement } from "@nuvolo/servicenow-types/util";
    //interface for my_table.
    interface my_table {
      test: GlideElement;
      test2: ReferenceGlideElement<my_table_two>;
    interface my_table_two {
      test3: GlideElement;
    //gr will now suggest test and test2 as properties
    let gr = new GlideRecord("my_table") as TypedGR<my_table>;
    //ref_gr will now suggest test3 as a property
    let ref_gr = gr.test2.getRefRecord();


    Extended type for sn_ws.RESTAPIRequest that takes a type to use as the body data object.

    import {sn_ws} from "@nuvolo/servicenow-types";
    import {TypedRESTAPIRequest} from "@nuvolo/servicenow-types/util";
    declare var request:TypedRESTAPIRequest<test>;
    declare var response:sn_ws.RESTAPIResponse;
    interface test{
    (function process(request:TypedRESTAPIRequest<test>,response:sn_ws.RESTAPIResponse) {

    How it works

    This package scrapes the docs to generate basic types for ServiceNow. Those .d.ts files are prefixed with SNAPI. The types that get actually used like GlideRecord are extended from those types so we can correct errors in the documentation without having to write it all into the scraping algorithm. It also allows us to create some really nice utility types and use them later.

    How to contribute / I noticed something wrong with the types

    Since the types are generated from the documentation (which is unfortunately not always accurate), we have very loosely defined types which we can then extend and correct/improve. If you wanted to fix GlideRecord in the server package, you could simply fork this repo, make your changes to server/GlideRecord.d.ts and submit a pull request! Easy right?


    1. Always add jsdoc comments to whatever you contribute if they aren't already there
    2. Name your parameters well




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