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NR React Starter

My official react starter command for creating new React App based on my personal requirements.

What Will Installed

At the first time, this starter command will generate:

  • The CRA (Create React App) bundler.
  • React Router.
  • React Redux
  • GraphQL library.
  • Axios HTTP Client library.
  • Base structure:
    • All CRA base structure.
    • config: Holds all external Webpack Configuration without ejecting the CRA.
    • src:
      • actions: This will hold all action scripts.
      • classes: All class scripts or internal libraries.
      • components: All UI components.
      • graphqls: All data source in GraphQL format.
      • layouts: All layout components.
      • pages: All page components.
      • reducers: All redux reducers.
      • resources:
        • css: All css regarding the global UI/theme.
        • static: All static files, e.g. images, fonts, etc.
      • app.jsx: The base of App script.
      • routes.jsx: Routing script.
    • tests:
      • automation: For all automation test scripts with Mocha + Chai HTTP.
      • e2e: For all end 2 end test scripts with CodeceptJS. I use puppeteer as my headlesss browser engine.
    • .env.example: For project environment configurations.
    • codecept.json: The initial codecept configuration.
    • config.js: This is the script that make me can extend webpack configuration without ejecting the CRA.
  • Test Case Tools:
    • mocha
    • chai + chaiHttp
    • codeceptjs
    • jest


Below are the commands for developing the app/website:

  • All CRA commands.
  • npm run e2e: Run End 2 End Test using CodeceptJS.
  • npm run automation: Run Automation Test using Mocha, Chai and Chai HTTP.

Getting Started


  • Node JS
  • Create React App.
  • Basic Javascript knowledge.
  • Basic React JS knowledge.
  • Basic Automated Test knowledge.
  • Basic End 2 End Test knowledge.
  • Basic UI Test (Jest) knowledge.
  • Some ☕ and 😎 🌴.


  • Open terminal.
  • Run npm install -g @nurimansyah/react-starter. (With sudo if you install Node JS as your global application. UNIX Only)
  • To create new project, run nr create <destination/folder>.
  • And then, you can use all the commands above.

Extending Webpack Configuration

If you want to extends your webpack configuration, just look at config folder, and make some configuration regarding your current environment:

  • config/development.js: Is use for extending webpack configuration in development mode.
  • config/production.js: Is use for extending webpack configuration in production mode.


See the for more information.


See the for more information.


See the for more information.


  • Currently I don't have support to Windows OS, Sorry... I'll update this in the future request.
  • For deploying to your own server, if you use Apache or NginX web server, make sure you have rewrite the path using .htaccess or in NginX server configuration.

Nurimansyah Rifwan


npm i @nurimansyah/react-starter

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