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    Cross-platform (xplat) tools for Nx workspaces

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    xplat is an added value pack for Nx which provides additional app generators and optional supporting architecture for different platform/framework combinations.

    Currently supported platforms

    • Electron

      Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    • Ionic

      Build amazing apps in one codebase, for any platform, with the web.

    • NativeScript

      Build rich iOS and Android apps with direct access to native api's from JavaScript directly.


    npx create-nx-workspace@latest

    At the prompts:

    What to create in the new workspace

    choose apps

    npm i @nstudio/xplat -D

    You are now ready to create apps:

    nx g app

    NOTE: If you encounter any issue, you can try creating an Nx workspace with version specified, for example:

    npx create-nx-workspace@14.1.7

    App generation examples

    The additional app generators can be used as follows:


    Electron app generator can use any web app in the workspace as it's target.

    If you don't have a web app yet, create one first:

    nx g app sample

    choose web

    You can now use the web app as the Electron target:

    nx g app desktop --target=web-sample

    choose electron

    Develop with:

    npm run start.electron.desktop


    nx g app sample

    choose ionic

    Develop in browser with:

    nx serve ionic-sample

    Build Ionic app:

    nx build ionic-sample

    A. Capacitor iOS - Prepare for development

    npm run prepare.ionic.sample.ios

    You can now open in Xcode for further development:

    npm run open.ionic.sample.ios

    B. Capacitor Android - Prepare for development

    npm run

    You can now open in Android Studio for further development:

    npm run


    nx g app mobile

    choose nativescript

    A. iOS

    nx run nativescript-mobile:ios

    B. Android

    nx run nativescript-mobile:android



    Recommended extra tooling

    Example repos for different scenarios



    npm i @nstudio/nativescript

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