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    Nx - Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System

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    Workspace Nx Package

    Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System

    Nx is a next generation build system with first class monorepo support and powerful integrations.

    Getting Started

    Creating an Nx Workspace

    Using npx

    npx create-nx-workspace

    Using npm init

    npm init nx-workspace

    Using yarn create

    yarn create nx-workspace

    The create-nx-workspace command will ask you to select a preset, which will configure some plugins and create your applications to help you get started.

    ? What to create in the new workspace (Use arrow keys)
    ❯ apps              [an empty workspace with no plugins with a layout that works best for building apps]
      core              [an empty workspace with no plugins set up to publish npm packages (similar to yarn workspaces)]
      ts                [an empty workspace with the JS/TS plugin preinstalled]
      react             [a workspace with a single React application]
      angular           [a workspace with a single Angular application]
      next.js           [a workspace with a single Next.js application]
      gatsby            [a workspace with a single Gatsby application]
      nest              [a workspace with a single Nest application]
      express           [a workspace with a single Express application]
      web components    [a workspace with a single app built using web components]
      react-native      [a workspace with a single React Native application]
      react-express     [a workspace with a full stack application (React + Express)]

    Select the preset that works best for you.

    Adding Nx to an Existing Monorepo


    npx add-nx-to-monorepo@latest

    If it's your first Nx project, the command will recommend you to install the nx package globally, so you can invoke nx directly without going through yarn or npm.

    Serving Application

    • Run nx serve myapp to serve the newly generated application!
    • Run nx test myapp to test it.
    • Run nx e2e myapp-e2e to run e2e tests for it.

    Documentation & Resources

    A few links to help you get started:

    Nx - Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System


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