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    Fin Genie General Ledger Reconciliator

    This databot groups general ledger entries into transactions. It does this by grouping entries in the general ledger on a few key properties identified by inspection of the data and conversations with NIAO.

    Once entries have been grouped into a set of provisional transactions using an aggregate query the following rule is applied to verify if a transaction is "correct":

    • The sum of balances for entries within the group must be zero

    These rules do not catch all cases of a correct transaction sequence.

    PO transactions

    Transactions that have a purchase order number may be accurately grouped on this value. These transactions vary greatly in length but can be validated by finding account codes in which activity is non-zero and comparing this with the value found in the corresponding purchase order.

    Invoice transactions

    Transactions that have an invoice number but no purchase order can be grouped on invoice number. As with PO transactions these vary in length but for each entry there should be an invoice with a matching balance.

    Journal transactions

    Journal transactions are grouped on journal description, again a check of balances summing to zero is used to verify completeness.

    Run Criteria

    This databot is kicked off by the dataset importer databot once data has been successfully imported.


    npm i @nqminds/fin-genie-gl-reconciliator

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