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A jshttp-based microframework with Opinions (TM). Collects and curates the following packages:

  1. Routing, courtesy of reverse,
  2. Database access, courtesy of pg
  3. Per-request concurrency and transactions, courtesy of pg-db-session,
  4. An ORM, courtesy of ormnomnom,
  5. Metrics gathering, courtesy of numbat-emitter,
  6. Monitoring, a la restify-monitor,
  7. and Logging, courtesy of bole


Full docs are available here.

  1. If you're just getting started with Knork, you might try the tutorial!
  2. You might have some questions. Check the FAQ.
  3. The topic documentation lays out the high-level concepts.
  4. Reference documentation covers API signatures and methods.

📦 denotes a link to an external package that has been bundled with Knork.


To develop locally, clone this repository, and run npm install in a shell in the repository directory. From there you can:

  • npm test: Run both the linter and the code tests.
  • npm run lint: Run just the linter.
  • npm run cov:test: Run the code tests with code coverage enabled.
  • npm run cov:html: Run the code tests and output a coverage directory. serve the directory at http://localhost:60888.



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