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Notihub SDK for Node.js

The Notihub SDK for Node.js enables Javascript Node.js developers to easily work with the Notihub API and build scalable solutions. You can get started in minutes using npm or yarn.


To use this SDK, you will need:

Node installation will include NPM, which is responsible for dependency management.

Getting Started

Sign up for Notihub

Before you begin, you need an Notihub account. Please go to Sign Up to Notihub and retrieve your credentials.

Install the SDK

Using npm:

npm install --save @notihub/notihub-nodejs-sdk

Import the package:

import Notihub from '@notihub/notihub-nodejs-sdk';


const Notihub = require('@notihub/notihub-nodejs-sdk');


This SDK relies heavily on Promises

const notihub = new Notihub({
  publicKey: '<your auth public key>',
  secretKey: '<your auth secret key>',
  environmentClientId: '<your auth environment client id>',
  environmentClientSecret: '<your auth environment client secret>'

Using the API

Check the guides for each endpoints

Also you can check out our API Docs to understand how our API works.


  • Provides easy-to-use HTTP clients for all supported Notihub endpoints.

  • Typed Error codes for easy handling

  • Promises based SDK

  • Handle authentication and IO Async

  • And more!

Getting Help

Please use these community resources for getting help. We use GitHub issues for tracking bugs and feature requests and have limited bandwidth to address them.

  • Ask a question on StackOverflow and tag it with notihub-nodejs-sdk
  • Articulate your feature request or upvote existing ones on our Issues page
  • If it turns out that you may have found a bug, please open an issue


Please go to Contribute section.

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