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nRF Device Library Node.js Bindings

These are C++ bindings to the nrf-device-lib written using the N-API.

How to build

The following must be installed to build. See more detailed version information in YAML files for Azure.

  • CMake
  • (Mac only) LLVM (see version information in YAML files for Azure). Can be installed using brew.
  • (Linux only) gcc, libusb.
  • (Max and Linux only) Ninja. Can be installed in Mac using brew.
  • (Windows only) Microsoft Visual Studio Community.
  • Node.js/npm. Can be installed in Mac/Linux using nvm or in Windows using nvm-windows.

Run tests

The tests expect certain devices to be connected in order to run. Having the following devices connected should be sufficient when runnint npm test

  • nRF52 Dongle (PCA10059) - Ensure it is in DFU mode
  • nRF52 (PCA10056) - Ensure there is no readback protection
  • nRF91 (PCA10090) - Ensure there is no readback protection


The procedure to release nrf-device-lib-js is described in the internal wiki.

Notes (Q/A):

Q: I see no output of the console.log() in the CI A: Possible solution would be to add spyOn(console, 'log').and.callThrough(); in beforeAll() -- from stackoverflow

Q: I want to add tab in the test logging A: Add \t at the start of console.warn('\t', message);

Q: How can I conditionally skip a test? A: You can use xit instead if it for running the test callback. See https://jasmine.github.io/api/4.6/global.html#xit for more info.




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