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    Implementation of a test-runner for end-to-end tests of cloud-native applications using Gherkin features.

    Initially developed for use with AWS based solutions but also supports testing against generic REST, GraphQL, and Websocket APIs.

    Simple example usage: e2e-bdd-test-runner-example.

    Other projects using this project for testing:


    Building cloud-native solutions means leveraging the power of highly scalable, often proprietary components, which can no longer be run locally on the developer's machine. A critical part of the solution is also the configuration which ties these components together.

    End-to-end testing provides a way to ensure that the entire solution is working properly and that changes not only in code and dependencies but also on the provider side are catched immediately.

    This project is an implementation of a test-runner in TypeScript that allows every change to a cloud-native project to be tested tested against production infrastructure using a BDD style test-suite of end-to-end tests written in Gherkin, which describe tests in plain english.

    This way the tests itself are not tied to the implementation and during refactoring one cannot accidentally drop tests: tests written for test runners like Jest tend to be tied closely to the API of the source-code implementation, in a case of bigger refactoring the tests themselves usually need to be refactored as well. Since the end-to-end tests are purely testing based on the public API of the project, they can be kept unchanged during refactoring.

    This also provides an easily grokable description of the working and implemented projects features in one folder (example).

    Below is a talk in English explaining this approach in detail:

    Video · Slides



    npm i --save-dev --save-exact @nordicsemiconductor/e2e-bdd-test-runner

    Special annotations

    On Features

    • @Skip: Do not run this feature
    • @Only: Run only this feature
    • @Last: Run this feature after all others

    On Scenarios

    • @Retry: configures the retry behaviour. Pass one or multiple settings to override the default behaviour. Example: @Retry=failAfter:3,maxDelay:100,initialDelay:50.

    Architecture decision records (ADRs)

    see ./adr.


    npm i @nordicsemiconductor/e2e-bdd-test-runner

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