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This is an i18next plugin or standalone scriot to be used for locize service. It will update last used timestamps on reference keys from your locize project using xhr. It sets the last used date on your reference language's namespaces.

Getting started

Source can be loaded via npm or downloaded from this repo.

# npm package
$ npm install locize-lastused


IMPORTANT make sure you do not add your apiKey in the production build to avoid misuse by strangers

  // the id of your locize project
  projectId: '[PROJECTID]',

  // add an api key if you want to send missing keys
  apiKey: '[APIKEY]',

  // the reference language of your project
  referenceLng: '[LNG]',

  // version - defaults to latest
  version: '[VERSION]',

  // debounce interval to send data in milliseconds
  debounceSubmit: 90000,

  // hostnames that are allowed to send last used data
  // please keep those to your local system, staging, test servers (not production)
  allowedHosts: ['localhost']

Using with i18next

Options can be passed in by setting options.locizeLastUsed in i18next.init:

import i18next from 'i18next';
import locizeLastUsed from 'locize-lastused';
// or
const i18next = require('i18next');
const locizeLastUsed = require('locize-lastused');

  locizeLastUsed: options
  • If you don't use a module loader it will be added to window.locizeLastUsed

Using without i18next

Directly call locizeLastUsed.init:

import locizeLastUsed from 'locize-lastused';


then call used function with namespace and key:

import locizeLastUsed from 'locize-lastused';

locizeLastUsed.used('myNamespace', 'myKey.as.in.locize');

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