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    Conventional Changelog - Mobile Release Notes Preset

    A preset for use with conventional-changelog, which will output notes in a plain text format for use with Fastlane and Testflight or Google Play release notes.

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    Purpose Of This Preset

    When deploying mobile applications to the Play Store or Testflight, it's often useful to generate the latest release notes as plain text, so that they can be supplied as part of the what to test next notes.

    This preset allows you to write these notes out to a file or files using conventional-changelog-cli, in plain text.


    An example usage, after installing this package and conventional-changelog-cli could be:

    npx conventional-changelog -n ./node_modules/@nona-creative/conventional-changelog-mobile-release-notes  -o ./latest-release-notes.txt -r 2

    With this example, conventional-changelog-cli would write out latest-release-notes.txt with notes for the latest release to latest-release.txt with the following format.

    1.2.4 - (2021-07-08)
    Bug Fixes
    deps: update sdks
    1.2.3 - (2021-07-07)
    Bug Fixes
    env: fix android oauth client id
    1.2.2 - (2021-07-07)
    Bug Fixes
    sentry: switch to other sentry (#979)
    1.2.1 - (2021-07-05)
    Bug Fixes
    build: turn on proguard, adjust rules (#977)

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    Available Commands

    To see a list of available commands in this package when cloning the repo run:

    npm run help

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    Additional Docs

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    Quick Start For Development

    1. go through all the Prerequisites in Prerequisites
    2. npm i install NPM dependencies
    3. npm run code:build build the package

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    We use Jest for testing. To run unit tests, you can use one of the following commands, to run once, run in watch mode, or to run all tests and generate converage reports.

    npm run test
    npm run test:watch

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    npm i @nona-creative/conventional-changelog-mobile-release-notes

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