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Lyricist 🎤

⭐️ Genius.com API client with lyrics scraper


Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite with async/await.


yarn add lyricist


npm install lyricist --save

Node 6

Node 6 doesn't support async/await and will need to use the transpiled version (lyricist/node6), along with promises:

const Lyricist = require('lyricist/node6');

Note: Older versions of Node aren't currently supported. Open an issue if you'd like to see support for them


Get an access token at https://genius.com/api-clients.

const lyricist = new Lyricist(accessToken);

Look up a song

Use song() to fetch a song by ID:

const song = await lyricist.song(714198);

// output: Death with Dignity

or with promises for node <= 6:

lyricist.song(714198).then(song => console.log(song.title));

Set text_format

The Genius API lets you specify how the response text is formatted. Supported formatting options are dom (default), plain and html. See https://docs.genius.com/#/response-format-h1 for further information. The textFormat option is supported by song(), album() and artist().

lyricist.song(714198, { textFormat: 'html' }).then(song => console.log(song.description.html));

// output: <p>The first track off of Sufjan’s 2015 album...

Get song lyrics

The Genius API doesn't offer lyrics, but Lyricist can scrape Genius.com for you. Simply provide the fetchLyrics option like this:

const song = await lyricist.song(714198, { fetchLyrics: true });

// output: Spirit of my silence I can hear you...

Look up an album

Use album() to look up an album by ID. The Genius API doesn't allow you to search an album by title, but song() will return an album.id:

const album = await lyricist.album(56682);
console.log(`${album.name} by ${album.artist.name}`);

// output: Lanterns by Son Lux

Get an album's tracklist

The Genius API doesn't provide tracklists, but Lyricist can scrape Genius.com and return the tracklist for you. Simply provide the fetchTracklist option like this:

const album = await lyricist.album(56682, { fetchTracklist: true });

// output: [{ id: 502102, title: 'Alternate World', ... }, { id: 267773, title: 'Lost It To Trying', ... }, ...]

Look up an artist

Use artist() to look up an artist by ID:

const artist = await lyricist.artist(2);
// output: Jay Z

Get songs by an artist

Use songsByArtist() to list an artist's songs. Example usage:

const songs = await lyricist.songsByArtist(2);

songsByArtist() will show 20 results per page by default, and can be as high as 50.

You can provide options as a second parameter. The available options are:

  • perPage: Number (default: 20)
  • page: Number (default: 1)
  • sort String: 'title' or 'popularity' (default: 'title')

Search for songs

Use search(query, { page = 1}) to search for songs using the Genius search endpoint. Genius' search endpoint doesn't seem to accept a perPage param.


const songs = await lyricist.search('Animal Collective', { page: 2 })

Warning ⚠️

Take care when fetching lyrics. This feature isn't officially supported by the Genius API, so use caching and rate-limit your app's requests as much as possible.

Genius API Docs

Check the Genius.com API docs for more info.


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