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NoInfoPath Helpers

Module Name: noinfopath.helpers

@version 2.0.20

## Installation npm install noinfopath-helpers --save

## Dependencies None


Normalizes the XmlDOM and provides parsing and conversion methods.



fromString takes in an xml string and parses it using the normalized DOMParser created when the service is instanciated.

xml string (required)

A string containing a valid xml document

Returns XmlDOMObject

toObject(node, target)

Converts an XmlNode to a pure JavaScript object.


XmlNode object that is the source for creating the JavaScript object.


This name of the tag to retrive as the source node for the new object. If not supplied node parameter is used instead.

This code needs to be corrected as it uses getElementsByTagName. instead we should be using XPath. (See: Introduction to using XPath in JavaScript for more information.)

Returns Object

format Filter

Uses the arbitrary arguments list passed to the filter to replace numbered placeholders.

var i = "Today is {1}";
$filter("format")(i, "sunny");
//Output:  "Today is sunny" 


Service Name: noActionQueue


 "scope": "current|parent|root"
 "scopeKey": "projectTabs",
 "action": {
	 "provider": "noNavigationManager",
	 "method": "changeNavBar",
	 "params": [
			 "provider": "scope|scope.$parent|scope.$root",
			 "property": "projectTabs.btnBar"


Service Name: noStateHelper



TODO: What does this method actuallu do?

params Array

An arrray of parameters name to extract from $stateParams.

Returns object

TODO: Describe what is in the objec returned.


When a parameter is an array then it is a name value pair. The first element of the array is the name, and the second is the value.

        "params": [
            ["foo", 1000],
            ["bar", false],

When a parameter is a string, then it is the name of a $stateParams value.

When a parameter is an array then it is a name value pair. The first element of the array is the name, and the second is the value. resolveParams only looks at the second element of the array. The first element is used by the caller.

        "params": [
            ["foo", 1000],
            ["bar", false],

NoDocumentReadyService (a/k/a noDocumentReady)

This service, when enabled in a controller, keeps track of how many resources being loaded via the $templateCache service. It maintains a running count based on the $includeContentRequested, $includeContentLoaded, and $includeContentError event handlers.

@method whenReady()



Returns Promise

Loading errors not rejected, but will raise a notification on the promise. The service will also raise progress notifications as the running total increases and decrease with out errors. The promise will resolve when the doucment reduces to zero.


The purpose of this services it to keep track of the async loading of all noInfoPath components. The idea is to mitigate issues with ngFormControllers being set to dirty while an area is loading.