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    You would normally want to use noia-node-gui or noia-node-terminal.


    module description
    noia-node core noia node (this module)
    noia-node-contents-client used to manage contents for noia-node
    *noia-node-gui node graphical user interface
    *noia-node-terminal headless (terminal) node

    * - example modules how to use noia-node internally and create headless or node with GUI.

    Sample code

    console.log("[NODE]: Initializing...")
    // Initialize node with default values
    const node = new Node({
      settingsPath: "settings.json",
      ssl: true,
      privateKeyPath: "path/to/private.key",
      crtPath: "path/to/crt.cert",
      crtBundlePath: "path/to/crt-bundle.cert",
      // One option for test purposes is to use https://ropsten.infura.io infrastructure.
      walletProviderUrl: "https://example-wallet-provider.io/API_KEY"
    console.log("[NODE]: initialized.")
    // Setters take effect after restart
    // node.setStorageSpace('/path/to/storage', 1048576)
    // Events
    node.on("started", () => {
      console.log("[NODE]: started.")
    node.master.on("connected", () => {
      console.log("[NODE]: connected to master.")
    node.master.on("closed", (info) => {
      if (info && info.code !== 1000) {
        console.log(`[NODE]: connection with master closed, info =`, info)
      } else {
        console.log(`[NODE]: connection with master closed, normal exit`, info)
    node.master.on("cache", (info) => {
      console.log(`[NODE][IN]: cache request, resource = ${info.source.url}`)
    node.master.on("clear", (info) => {
      console.log(`[NODE][IN]: clear request, infoHashes = ${info.infoHashes}`)
    node.master.on("seed", (info) => {
      console.log("[NODE][IN]: seed request.")
    if (node.clientSockets.http) {
      node.clientSockets.http.on("listening", (info) => {
        console.log(`[NODE]: listening for HTTP requests on port ${info.port}.`)
      node.clientSockets.http.on("closed", () => {
      console.log(`[NODE]: closed HTTP server.`)
    if (node.clientSockets.ws) {
      node.clientSockets.ws.on("listening", (info) => {
        console.log(`[NODE]: listening for ${info.ssl ? "WSS" : "WS"} requests on port ${info.port}.`)
      node.clientSockets.ws.on("closed", () => {
        console.log(`[NODE]: closed WS/WSS server.`)
      node.clientSockets.ws.on("connections", (count) => {
        console.log(`[NODE]: WS Clients connections = ${count}`)
    node.contentsClient.on("seeding", (infoHashes) => {
      console.log("[NODE]: seeding contents: ", infoHashes)
    node.clientSockets.on("resourceSent", (info) => {
      const client = `client ${info.ip}`
      const resource = `resource = ${info.resource.infoHash}`
      const url = `url = ${info.resource.url}`
      const size = `size = ${info.resource.size}`
      const sizeMB = `size = ${info.resource.size/1024/1024}`
      if (info.resource.url) {
        console.log(`[NODE]: HTTP sent to ${client} ${resource} ${sizeMB} ${url}`)
      } else {
        console.log(`[NODE]: WS sent to ${client} ${resource} ${sizeMB}`)
    node.on("destroyed", () => {
      console.log("[NODE]: stopped.")
    node.on("error", (error) => {
      console.log("[NODE]: error =", error)
    // Start


    Node configuration can be supplied to Node object or set via settings.json file. settings.json is generated on first run.

    *required Node options property settings.json property type default description
    no settingsPath N/A string ./settings.json Path to settings.json.
    no statisticsPath N/A statisticsPath ./statistics.json Path to statistics.json.
    no userDataPath N/A string empty Path to user user data folder. If specified, default settings.json and/or statistics.json will be saved to user data folder.
    no isHeadless isHeadless boolean true False if node GUI.
    no storageDir storage.dir string ./storage Path to storage directory.
    no storageSize storage.size number 104857600 Size of disk space available to use for caching purposes.
    if ws domain domain string empty Domain SSL is valid for.
    if ws ssl ssl boolean false True to use secure connections.
    if ws sslPrivateKeyPath ssl.privateKeyPath string empty Path to SSL private key.
    if ws sslCrtPath ssl.crtPath string empty Path to certificate.
    if ws sslCrtBundlePath ssl.crtBundlePath string empty Path to certificate bundle.
    no publicIp publicIp string empty Public IP that master must use. If empty, master must resolve IP by itself.
    no natPmp natPmp boolean false Automatic ports mapping using NAT-PMP.
    no http sockets.http boolean false True to deliver content via HTTP protocol.
    no httpIp sockets.http.ip string HTTP listening ip.
    no httpPort sockets.http.port number 6767 HTTP listening port.
    no ws sockets.ws boolean false True to deliver content via WebSockets protocol.
    no wsIp sockets.ws.ip string WS listening ip.
    no wsPort sockets.ws.port number 7676 WS listening port.
    yes wrtc sockets.wrtc boolean true True to deliver content via WebRTC.
    yes wrtcControlPort sockets.wrtc.control.port number 7677 Control port to exchange SDP descriptions via HTTP.
    yes wrtcControlIp sockets.wrtc.control.ip string Control ip to exchange SDP descriptions via HTTP.
    yes wrtcDataPort sockets.wrtc.data.port number 7679 WebRTC data port.
    no wrtcDataIp sockets.wrtc.data.ip string undefined WebRTC data IP.
    no walletMnemonic wallet.mnemonic string generated Wallet mnemonic.
    no walletAddress wallet.address string empty Wallet address. If skipBlockchain is turned on this setting takes effect, else walletMnemonic is used to retrieve wallet address.
    if not skipBlockchain walletProviderUrl wallet.providerUrl string empty Wallet provider url.
    no client client string empty Node client address.
    if skipBlockchain masterAddress masterAddress string empty Master address to connect to if skipping blockchain.
    no whitelistMasters whitelist.masters array ["csl-masters.noia.network"] Masters whitelist. If empty array then all masters addresses are available.
    no controller controller boolean false RESTful node controller. Listens by default on 9000 port when turned on.
    no controllerIp controllerIp string Node controller IP
    no controllerPort controllerPort string 9000 Node controller port
    no skipBlockchain skipBlockchain boolean true Connect directy to master using masterAddress (ignores whitelist) if turned on.
    no nodeId nodeId string generated Node identifier if skipping blockchain.

    * mandatory to make sure configuration is correct to connect to NOIA master and serve content using WebRTC protocol (default setup) or via secure WS (WebSockets). Currently HTTPS is not recommended and poorly supported.

    Note: skipBlockchain is turned on by default while we develop blockchain network.

    Note: On startup, node is registered on blockchain and client address (client) is saved in settings.json. If any of domain, sockets.ws.port or external IP information property changes, client should be regenerated. To do so, simply remove client property from settings.json and it will registern node client on blockchain with updated values.


    TODO: add SSL docs.

    Logging to log file

    Node by default doesn't log activiy to file. To log to file noia-node.log, create .env file and add line LOG_TO_FILE=yes to enable it.




    npm i @noia-network/node

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