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🐤 Documentation and Wiki UI 👀

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📢 About

Portable documentation/wiki UI for NodeSecure tools like CLI or Preview. This package has been designed with the objective of rendering the same documentation to all developers whatever the tool they use.

📜 Features

Note The content is retrieved from the github API (and sometimes it transform raw markdown response to HTML, that's why we use markdown-it as dependency).

💃 Getting Started

This package is available in the Node Package Repository and can be easily installed with npm or yarn.

$ npm i @nodesecure/documentation-ui
# or
$ yarn add @nodesecure/documentation-ui

👀 Usage example

// Import Third-party Dependencies
import * as documentationUI from "@nodesecure/documentation-ui";

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", async () => {
  const documentRootElement = document.getElementById("whatever-you-want");

  const wiki = documentationUI.render(documentRootElement, {
    prefetch: true,

  console.log(`Available views: ${[...wiki.header.views.keys()].join(",")}`);

  // Note: you can also enumerate menus with `wiki.navigation.warnings.menus.keys()`

The render API take an options payload describe by the following TS interface:

export interface RenderDocumentationUIOptions {
   * Prefetch all flags and cache them
   * @default true
  prefetch?: boolean;

Fetch assets required for the bundler

An incomplete example for esbuild.

// Import Third-party Dependencies
import { getBuildConfiguration } from "@nodesecure/documentation-ui/node";
import esbuild from "esbuild";

// Note: all entry points for assets (css etc..).
const { entryPoints } = getBuildConfiguration();

await esbuild.build({
  entryPoints: [...entryPoints],


render(rootElement: HTMLElement, options: RenderDocumentationUIOptions): RenderResult;

Render the documentation in the given root element.

export interface RenderResult {
  header: Header;
  navigation: {
    flags: Navigation;
    warnings: Navigation;
Header & Navigation definition
class Header {
  active: HTMLElement;
  views: Map<string, HTMLElement>;
  defaultName: string | null;

  setNewActiveView(name: string): void;

class Navigation {
  active: HTMLElement;
  menus: Map<string, HTMLElement>;
  defaultName: string | null;
  prefetch: boolean;
  fetchCallback: (name: string, menu: HTMLElement) => any;

  setNewActiveMenu(name: string): void;

How to contribute/work on this project

You can use the local example/ to work on any updates. Just use the example npm script:

$ npm ci
$ npm run example
"scripts": {
  "example": "npm run example:build && http-server ./dist",
  "example:build": "node esbuild.config.js"


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