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List files and directories inside the specified directory.

💡 Highlights

The package is aimed at obtaining information about entries in the directory.

  • 💰 Returns useful information: name, path, dirent and stats (optional).
  • 🔗 Can safely work with broken symbolic links.


npm install @nodelib/fs.scandir


import * as fsScandir from '@nodelib/fs.scandir';

fsScandir.scandir('path', (error, stats) => { /* … */ });


.scandir(path, [optionsOrSettings], callback)

Returns an array of plain objects (Entry) with information about entry for provided path with standard callback-style.

fsScandir.scandir('path', (error, entries) => { /* … */ });
fsScandir.scandir('path', {}, (error, entries) => { /* … */ });
fsScandir.scandir('path', new fsScandir.Settings(), (error, entries) => { /* … */ });

.scandirSync(path, [optionsOrSettings])

Returns an array of plain objects (Entry) with information about entry for provided path.

const entries = fsScandir.scandirSync('path');
const entries = fsScandir.scandirSync('path', {});
const entries = fsScandir.scandirSync('path', new fsScandir.Settings());


  • Required: true
  • Type: string | Buffer | URL

A path to a file. If a URL is provided, it must use the file: protocol.


  • Required: false
  • Type: Options | Settings
  • Default: An instance of Settings class

An Options object or an instance of Settings class.

📖 When you pass a plain object, an instance of the Settings class will be created automatically. If you plan to call the method frequently, use a pre-created instance of the Settings class.


A class of full settings of the package.

const settings = new fsScandir.Settings({ followSymbolicLinks: false });

const entries = fsScandir.scandirSync('path', settings);


  • name — The name of the entry (unknown.txt).
  • path — The path of the entry relative to call directory (root/unknown.txt).
  • dirent — An instance of fs.Dirent class. When the stats option is enabled, it will be emulated by DirentFromStats class.
  • stats (optional) — An instance of fs.Stats class.

For example, the scandir call for tools directory with one directory inside:

	dirent: Dirent { name: 'typedoc', /* … */ },
	name: 'typedoc',
	path: 'tools/typedoc'



  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Adds an instance of fs.Stats class to the Entry.

📖 Always use fs.readdir without the withFileTypes option. ??TODO??


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false

Follow symbolic links or not. Call fs.stat on symbolic link if true.


  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Throw an error when symbolic link is broken if true or safely use lstat call if false.


  • Type: string
  • Default: path.sep

By default, this package uses the correct path separator for your OS (\ on Windows, / on Unix-like systems). But you can set this option to any separator character(s) that you want to use instead.


By default, the built-in Node.js module (fs) is used to work with the file system. You can replace any method with your own.

interface FileSystemAdapter {
	lstat?: typeof fs.lstat;
	stat?: typeof fs.stat;
	lstatSync?: typeof fs.lstatSync;
	statSync?: typeof fs.statSync;
	readdir?: typeof fs.readdir;
	readdirSync?: typeof fs.readdirSync;

const settings = new fsScandir.Settings({
	fs: { lstat: fakeLstat }


See the Releases section of our GitHub project for changelog for each release version.


This software is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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