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M-Bus Client Protocol Binding of node-wot


W3C Web of Things (WoT) Protocol Binding for Meter Bus TCP. This package uses node-mbus as a low level client for M-Bus TCP. This implementation only supports reading data (for WoT Consumer applications).

Protocol specifier

The protocol prefix handled by this binding is mbus+tcp:. This is currently a non-standard prefix.


This binding is currently experimental. Some errors might occur with the use of this binding. The code was tested in a specific situation which might not correspond to your own using.

New Form Fields for the M-Bus Binding

Note: for further details please refer to the documentation.


The physical bus address of the unit targeted by the mbus request.


This property defines the id of the data that are meant to be read. Specifying an id of -1 will return informations about the targeted M-Bus client.


Timeout in milliseconds of the mbus request. Default to 1000 milliseconds

URL format

The URL is used to transport all addressing information necessary to describe the M-Bus connection and data addresses. It has the following structure:

mbus+tcp:// <host> [ : <port> ] [/ <unitid> [ ?offset=<offset> [&timeout=<timeout> ] ] ]

with the following meaning:

  • <host> is the host name or IP address of the M-Bus slave
  • <port> is the optional TCP port number used to access the M-Bus slave. Default is 805
  • <unitid> is the M-Bus unit id of the M-Bus slave; same as mbus:unitID
  • <offset> is the id of the data; see mbus:offset
  • <timeout> is the optional timeout in milliseconds of the request. Default is 1000; see mbus:timeout

When specified URL values override the corresponding form parameter.


The M-Bus binding uses and provides JSON formed data for read-only. Therefore in most cases it will be associated with the content type application/json. Please refer to the description of this codec on how to decode and encode plain data to/from JavaScript objects (See JsonCodec).

The data in the payload is contained in the key Value. Its type can be any type supported in a JSON value and specified by the M-Bus Thing manufacturer. A verbose description of the data is contained in the key Unit.

Here's an example of a payload from a request on offset=0 :

    "id": 0,
    "Function": "Instantaneous value",
    "StorageNumber": 0,
    "Unit": "Fabrication number",
    "Value": 11490378,
    "Timestamp": "2018-02-24T22:17:01"


The protocol does not support security.

Implementation notes

This implementation handles multiple requests to the same slave by combining them if possible. In the following, the terms request and transaction are used as follows to describe this:

  • A request is a read request to a resource as issued by a user of the node-wot API.
  • A transaction is a M-Bus operation and may cover the data of multiple requests.


When two requests are made on the same unitID, then they are combined into a single transaction. Note that this algorithm is currently rather simple: New requests are just checked if they can be combined to an existing transaction. If not, a new transcation is created. When a transcation completes, all requests contained in this transaction are completed.


Multiple transactions to the same slave are serialized. This means that a new M-Bus transaction is only started when the previous transaction was finished. Transactions are held in a queue and executed in a first-come-first-serve manner.

Valid Form Examples

Base read function form

Reads the data with the id of 1 of the unit 2

    "href": "mbus+tcp://",
    "contentType": "application/json",
    "op": ["readproperty"],
    "mbus:unitID": 2,
    "mbus:offset": 1,
    "mbus:timeout": 2000


  • [ ] TEST
  • [ ] (M-Bus Server Protocol Binding)

More Details

See https://github.com/eclipse/thingweb.node-wot/




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