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Nuxt package for application insights

This is atemprory package that we use until the offical module is updated to support the latest version of application insights


Add this as a dependency

npm install @nlo/nuxt-application-insights

Add the module to your nuxt.config.ts

    modules: ['@nlo/nuxt-application-insights'],

Generating ssl certificates

SSL certificates are required to run Nuxt3 locally on SSL. To generate these certificates, use the following command: npx generate-ssl-certificates.js --dir secrets

This will create two files in the provided secrets folder. These certificates can be used when starting up Nuxt in development mode, by adding this to the startup command: Allowing local certificate: export NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 (add this before the nuxt dev command) Tell Nuxt what certificates to use: --https --ssl-cert secrets/cert.pem --ssl-key secrets/key.pem (add this after the nuxt dev command)

Full command example: export NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED=0 && nuxt dev --port 3010 --https --ssl-cert secrets/key.cert --ssl-key secrets/key.pem


  • Run npm run dev:prepare to generate type stubs.

Running the playground

The playground is a Nuxt application that allows you to try out your feature within this repository.

  • Run npx generate-ssl-certificates.js --dir secrets to generate SSL certificates
  • Use npm run dev to start playground in development mode.


npm i @nlo/nuxt-application-insights

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