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Script Loader

Lazy load your browser vendor APIs from a CDN with this script loader. No need to worry about window globals or adding annoying script tags to your html. Modern Promise based API that adds your tags in a non-blocking way and returns a cacheable reference to the global API object.


npm install @njmyers/script-loader


yarn add @njmyers/script-loader


For a realistic example, we will use a popular payment gateway Stripe. After inspecting the documentation we see that their API is available from https://js.stripe.com/v3/. After downloading their API via a <script> tag they will make it available via the global object window.Stripe. So you add this code to your index.html

<script src="https://js.stripe.com/v3/" />

After running a performance report on your side you may see an error report that complains about render blocking resources. Oh no! I don't want to block my rendering. So for your next step you add the suggested attributes.

<script src="https://js.stripe.com/v3/" async defer />

But then later you start seeing errors. Uncaught TypeError: window.Stripe is not a function. It seems your code is trying to initialize Stripe before it has properly loaded. So how we download these vendor scripts in a non-blocking way and also ensure references at the right times?

  1. Promises
  2. No Globals

Or just use this handy script loader so that these are all done for you :)

import createScriptLoader from '@njmyers/script-loader';

const loadStrip = createScriptLoader({
  src: 'https://js.stripe.com/v3/',
  id: 'stripe-loader',
  initialize(window) {
    // this will be whatever the documentation says
    // https://stripe.com/docs/stripe-js/reference#stripe-function
    return window.Stripe('pk_test_TYooMQauvdEDq54NiTphI7jx');

loadStripe().then(Stripe => {
  // have fun with Stripe!

That's all there is to it.




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