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    Nimiq Browser Warnings

    Javascipt, CSS and a html snippet to display a warning in case of unsupported browsers, private mode or disabled Javascript.


    yarn add @nimiq/browser-warning


    This is no modular package you can import. Instead:

    • Use e.g. CopyWebpackPlugin to copy files from dist folder to your app's root folder
    • Use e.g. HtmlWebpackPlugin to inject the HTML snippet into your app's index.html
    • In your index.html head section, place <script type="text/javascript" src="browser-warning.js" defer></script> in front of all other scripts which may execute, especially your app's main entry point. If your other scripts are not deferred, also remove the defer attribute on browser-warning.js.
    • In your app's main entry point logic, check for window.hasBrowserWarning === true and stop execution in that case.
    • If you're using typescript, add @nimiq/browser-warning to compilerOptions.types in your tsconfig.json.
    • It is recommended to serve your app via https as otherwise in-app web-views might not be correctly detected.


    You can define a callback window.onBrowserWarning that gets called in case of a browser warning with the warning type and a config object:

    Parameter Type
    warningType 'web-view' / 'browser-outdated' / 'no-local-storage' / 'private-mode'
    warningConfig.headline string
    warningConfig.message string
    warningConfig.hasShareButton boolean
    warningConfig.shareUrl string
    warningConfig.useNativeShare boolean
    warningConfig.shareInstructions string

    It can then optionally return a configuration object that overwrites a subset or all of the configuration properties.

    Note that window.onBrowserWarning needs to be defined before browser-warning.js is executed. This is therefore an exception to the rule stated in the previous section.

    Note that the script that defines window.onBrowserWarning must be written in old-fashioned Javascript to not fail with syntax errors in old browsers which would prevent us from being able to display a warning in old browsers.


    Contributions are welcome! To build the code yourself run

    yarn build

    which minifies the code with Google's closure compiler. We are compiling with the compiler's SIMPLE compilation level as the ADVANCED level does not result in significantly smaller files for this lib, especially when comparing gzipped size. You therefore do not need to mind the special precautions that are required for the ADVANCED level.

    Code does however need to be written in old-fashioned javascript to be compatible with old browsers. The closure compiler will warn you if your code is not valid ES3.




    npm i @nimiq/browser-warning

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