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    Server platform implementation of ngx-cache

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    Table of contents:

    Getting started


    You can install @ngx-cache/platform-server using npm

    npm install @ngx-cache/platform-server --save

    Note: You should have already installed @ngx-cache/core.

    Note: You should have also installed @ngx-cache/fs-storage.


    • ng-seed/universal is an officially maintained seed project, showcasing common patterns and best practices for @ngx-cache/platform-server.

    Related packages

    The following packages may be used in conjunction with @ngx-cache/platform-server:

    Adding @ngx-cache/platform-server to your project (SystemJS)

    Add map for @ngx-cache/platform-server in your systemjs.config

    '@ngx-cache/platform-server': 'node_modules/@ngx-cache/platform-server/bundles/platform-server.umd.min.js'

    app.module configuration

    • Import ServerCacheModule using the mapping '@ngx-cache/platform-server' and append ServerCacheModule.forRoot({...}) within the imports property of app.server.module (considering the app.server.module is the server module in Angular Universal application).
    • Import CACHE injection token using the mapping '@ngx-cache/core', FsCacheService using the mapping '@ngx-cache/platform-server'.
    • Provide CACHE using FsCacheService, by calling the forRoot static method using the ServerCacheModule.
    • Import STORAGE injection token using the mapping '@ngx-cache/core', FsStorageService using the mapping '@ngx-cache/fs-storage'.
    • Provide STORAGE using FsStorageService, by calling the forRoot static method using the ServerCacheModule.
    • Import FsStorageLoader and fsStorageFactory using the mapping '@ngx-cache/fs-storage'.
    • Provide FsStorageLoader using fsStorageFactory, by calling the forRoot static method using the ServerCacheModule.
    • Pass CacheService together with ApplicationRef and TransferState to the implementation of bootstrapFactory method below.


    import { CacheService, CACHE, STORAGE } from '@ngx-cache/core';
    import { ServerCacheModule, FsCacheService } from '@ngx-cache/platform-server';
    import { fsStorageFactory, FsStorageLoader, FsStorageService } from '@ngx-cache/fs-storage';
    export function bootstrapFactory(appRef: ApplicationRef,
                                     transferState: TransferState,
                                     cache: CacheService): () => Subscription {
      return () => appRef.isStable
        .filter(stable => stable)
        .subscribe(() => {
          transferState.set<any>(makeStateKey(cache.key), JSON.stringify(cache.dehydrate()));
      declarations: [
      imports: [
            provide: CACHE,
            useClass: FsCacheService
            provide: STORAGE,
            useClass: FsStorageService
            provide: FsStorageLoader,
            useFactory: (fsStorageFactory)
      providers: [
          provide: APP_BOOTSTRAP_LISTENER,
          useFactory: (bootstrapFactory),
          multi: true,
          deps: [
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]
    export class AppServerModule {

    👍 Yeah! @ngx-cache/platform-server will now provide server platform implementation to @ngx-cache/core.



    The MIT License (MIT)

    Copyright (c) 2019 Burak Tasci


    npm i @ngx-cache/platform-server

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