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@ngserveio/ws Nx Plugin

This library was generated with Nx.


The purpose of the library is to quickly scaffold and create Angular Applications with certain opinions.


Run nx build ngserveio-ws to build the library.

Running unit tests

Run nx test ngserveio-ws to execute the unit tests via Jest.


Name Parameters Description
api-app name, domain Creates a NestJS application under the apps/{domain}/{name}-api
api-feature name, domain Creates a NestJS feature library for an api under libs/{domain}/api/{name}-feature
app-feature name,domain Creates an Angular feature library under libs/{domain}/ui/{name}-feature
client-app name, domain Creates a Angular app under apps/{domain}/{name}-app
common-domain-lib name, domain Creates a common node library that can be shared safely between Angular and Nest Applications libs/{domain}/common
data-access domain Creates a data-access library under a specified domain libs/{domain}/ui/data-access
domain name, domain Creates a number of libraries to set up a backend and frontend for a domain. Has as choice to create the app.
firebase-ngrx-store collection, domain Scaffolds a store module in the libs/{domain}/ui/data-access library scaffolding the reducer, effects, actions for working with Firebase. Creates the model in the common library by the collection name provided.
material-form name, project, inputs Creates a material form utilzing the @ngserveio/material-forms package for form fields, validation, and inputs

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