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    Ng2v Components - Angular directives specific to Bootstrap 4

    Welcome to the customized ng-bootstrap version of the ng2v-components library. We are using TypeScript and targeting the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework.

    As with Bootstrap 4, this library is a work in progress. Please check out our list of issues to see all the things we are implementing. Feel free to make comments there.


    View all the directives in action at https://rajkeshwar.github.io



    npm install --save @ng2v/ng2v-components

    Once installed you need to import our main module:
    import {Ng2vModule} from '@ng2v/ng2v-components';

    The only remaining part is to list the imported module in your application module. The exact method will be slightly different for the root (top-level) module for which you should end up with the code similar to (notice Ng2vModule.forRoot()):

    import {Ng2vModule} from '@ng2v/ng2v-components';
      declarations: [AppComponent, ...],
      imports: [Ng2vModule.forRoot(), ...],  
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]
    export class AppModule {

    Other modules in your application can simply import Ng2vModule:

    import {Ng2vModule} from '@ng2v/ng2v-components';
      declarations: [OtherComponent, ...],
      imports: [Ng2vModule, ...], 
    export class OtherModule {


    If you are using SystemJS, you should also adjust your configuration to point to the UMD bundle.

    In your systemjs config file, map needs to tell the System loader where to look for ng2v-components:

    map: {
      '@ng2v/ng2v-components': 'node_modules/@ng2v/ng2v-components/bundles/ng2v-components.js',

    To clean and build components source

      gulp clean:build
      gulp ng2v:build

    To clean and build demo files

      gulp clean:demo
      gulp build:demo

    To publish components to npm repo

    Navigate to dist directory and type

       npm publish

    To push the demo example to github pages

    Navigate to demo/dist and type

      gulp demo-push


    npm i @ng2v/ng2v-components

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