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This is a library to use Permissions API with Angular.


If you do not have @ng-web-apis/common:

npm i @ng-web-apis/common

Now install the package:

npm i @ng-web-apis/permissions

How to use


Import service in your component:

import { PermissionsService } from '@ng-web-apis/permissions';

constructor(private readonly permissions: PermissionsService) {}

Now, use the service to retrieve the state of the permission in question. Below is an example of checking the permission to use geolocation:

const geolocationStatus$ = this.permissions.state('geolocation');
geolocationStatus$.subscribe((geolocationStatus) => doSomething(geolocationStatus));

Note, that a call to the permissions.state() returns an observable, which will emit new values in case the state for the permission in question changes. If you need to get state just once and stop observing the permission, you can use take(1) RxJs operator:

geolocationStatus$.pipe(take(1)).subscribe((geolocationStatus) => doSomething(geolocationStatus));

The observable is cold, meaning if there are no active subscriptions, it doesn't track the status of the permission.


The library also provides a tokens to simplify working with Permissions API:

  • PERMISSIONS_SUPPORT returns true if user's browser supports Permissions API
export class Example {
  constructor(@Inject(PERMISSIONS_SUPPORT) private readonly permissionsSupport: boolean) {}

Browser support

IE / Edge Firefox Chrome Safari
79+ 46+ 43+ 16+

See also

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