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    Universal support for your Angular application Tweet

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    This is part of the @ng-toolkit project. Check main page for more tools

    Add Server Side Rendering support (Angular Universal) to your Angular project. Check deep overview article on Medium

    Live demo

    Angular Universal PWA on AWS Lambda + API Gateway

    Getting started

    Create or navigate into your project:

    ng new myApp
    cd myApp

    apply package

    ng add @ng-toolkit/universal [--http false]

    Run options

    Run server locally

    npm run build:ssr
    npm run serve:ssr

    Prerender Angular app

    npm run build:prerender
    npm run serve:prerender


    If you don't want to use TransferHttpCacheModule indicate it by adding --http false flag.

    Adding new component:

    ng g c myComponent --module app

    You can chain this package with:

    Check out tutorial by Gary Sinon:

    How to start project with ng-toolkit

    Working with window and localStorage objects

    This package is shipped with the wrapper for the window and localStorage objects. Whenewer you need to use it, just inject it into your component or service:

    import { WINDOW, LOCAL_STORAGE } from @ng-toolkit/universal
        class/service declaration and decorator
    constructor(@Inject(WINDOW) private window:Window, @Inject(LOCAL_STORAGE) private localStorage: any) {

    If you did not use Angular CLI to install this package, you need to import NgtUniversalModule in your shared app module:

        /* other imports*/
    export class AppModule { }

    Looking for something more?

    Feel free to create issue with your feature request


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