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    Angular Module Example

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    Mission Statement

    In order to help the community (and myself of course) in building apps in a quick and painless fashion, I have decided to work on an open source project to allow for quick building of angular libraries and apps.

    This framework is to expand upon other technologies so we can develop useful tools for others to use.


    For Development

    • clone the repository
    • run npm install
    • put modules and angular code into the src/app folder
    • put all test spec files and mocks into the test folder
    • in the src/app/index.ts export each class/mock you want to allow external code to use
    • update the package.json file with your module's name and such
    • create new git repo for your module
    • run npm run package so the module is bundled and ready to publish
    • run npm publish dist so we get a npm package for that module

    For Inclusion

    • run npm install @ng-app-framework/{module-name} --save-dev
    • you should be able to import any exported class from the module


    npm i @ng-app-framework/notification

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