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    Uniswap SDK

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    In-depth documentation on this SDK is available at

    Address Modifications

    When deploying a new instance in NEXT, you need to modify the address in the following files:

    WETH: ./src/entities/token.ts Factory: ./src/constants.ts

    Running tests

    To run the tests, follow these steps. You must have at least node v10 and yarn installed.

    First clone the repository:

    git clone

    Move into the uniswap-sdk working directory

    cd uniswap-sdk/

    Install dependencies

    yarn install

    Run tests

    yarn test

    You should see output like the following:

    yarn run v1.22.4
    $ tsdx test
     PASS  test/constants.test.ts
     PASS  test/pair.test.ts
     PASS  test/fraction.test.ts
     PASS  test/miscellaneous.test.ts
     PASS  test/entities.test.ts
     PASS  test/trade.test.ts
    Test Suites: 1 skipped, 6 passed, 6 of 7 total
    Tests:       3 skipped, 82 passed, 85 total
    Snapshots:   0 total
    Time:        5.091s
    Ran all test suites.
    ✨  Done in 6.61s.

    Install to NPM

    npm login
    npm publish


    npm i @nextsmartchain/sdk

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