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    A hybrid disk cache library that utilized both the solid SQLite3 database and the file system.

    yarn add @next-boost/hybrid-disk-cache

    When the value is larger than 10 kilobytes, it will be written to the file system, otherwise saved in SQLite3 database.

    The benefits of using this kind of hybrid cache are:

    • Always use the small footprint and high performace SQLite3 index.
    • Using file system for larger files. No need to run vacuum for releasing space

    Also, here are some bonus:

    • 100% test coverage
    • Pure Typescript
    • Used in production with 300K keys
    • SQLite3's indices will always be used when searching for a key. (which is FAST)

    This hybrid idea is inspired by python-diskcache. We used it in our Python production stack, and it works just as great as what we'd expected.


    // tbd, time before deletion: This is used to control how long a key
    // should remain in the cache after expired (ttl)
    // And `cache.purge` will delete all records with ttl + tbd < now
    const cache = new Cache({ path, ttl, tbd })
    // set. if ttl empty, use the cache's ttl
    cache.set(key, value)
    // set. will expire in 5 seconds
    cache.set(key, value, 5)
    // get
    cache.get(key, defaultValue)
    // del
    // check cache availability and status
    // status in 'miss' | 'stale' | 'hit'
    const status = cache.has(key)
    // if you want to serve even the stale value
    if (cache.has(key) !== 'miss') {
        const value = cache.get(key)
    // if you only want the unexpired one
    if (cache.has(key) === 'hit') {
        const value = cache.get(key)
    // delete all expired keys

    Check index.test.ts for examples.


    With a series of 10B ~ 500KB data writing and reading, here are the results on a Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD:

    Here is the benchmark source code.

    > cache located at: /tmp/hdc
    > generating bench data from 10B to 500000B
    > starting 3000 x 15 writes
      done: 69.34 μs/record.
    > starting 3000 x 15 reads
      done: 26.65 μs/record.


    MIT. Copyright 2020, Rakuraku Jyo.


    npm i @next-boost/hybrid-disk-cache

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