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Next-book publishing tool

@next-book/publisher is a tool for mapping HTML files for use with next-book tools. See an example, API documentations or a example book created with publisher, that builds functionalityon top of its markup: displaying and remembering position, tracing reader's journey through a book etc.

Use with node.js

Install in a book's repository (global installation is discouraged as publisher is in its early development and API changes are expected):

npm i @next-book/publisher

CLI use

Use publish-nb command, e. g.

publish-nb --src text --out book

Mapper reads all \*.html files in the source directory (--src, by default ./src), sorts them by filename, maps them and outputs the result into the output directory (--out, by default ./book).

It also creates a spine.json file that collects metadata about the book and adds several structural meta tags into files (prev, next, license, spine) that allow book traversal (with Javascript or native browser affordances).

It's required to include a book.json file in the source directory that adds metadata and a list of chapters. It's possible to specify static folders that will be copied from source to output as they are.

	"meta": {
		"title": "Free Culture",
		"author": "Lawrence Lessig",
		"subtitle": "How big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity",
		"published": 2004,
		"keywords": ["copyright law", "intellectual property", "public domain", "web", "Napster"]
	"chapters": [
	"static": ["style", "scripts", "images"]

You can preview the book on a local web server by running the publish-nb with -w flag (or with --server param).

publish-nb --src text --out book --server

Use in browser

Download @next-book/publisher from npm or github and include it in your project files. Check the example with extensive highlighting to see how the result looks like.

<script type="text/javascript" src="./publisher/dist/browser.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	window.addEventListener('load', () => NbMapper.mapHtml());

Browser use is currently primarily for quick try-outs, not intended for production use.

Use in a Node.js script

Map HTML string or JSDOM objects in a script:

const html = '...';
const publisher = require('@next-book/publisher');

Config the publisher with an options object publisher.map(html, conf), see API docs for Options.


Clone repository and install devDependencies. Build a complete project with npm run build. Limit PRs only to changed source files.


@next-book/publisher © 2016–2020 next-book

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.


npm i @next-book/publisher

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