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    PouchDB Adapter - NextAuth.js

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    This is the PouchDB Adapter for next-auth. This package can only be used in conjunction with the primary next-auth package. It is not a standalone package.

    Depending on your architecture you can use PouchDB's http adapter to reach any database compliant with the CouchDB protocol (CouchDB, Cloudant, ...) or use any other PouchDB compatible adapter (leveldb, in-memory, ...)

    Getting Started

    1. Install next-auth and @next-auth/pouchdb-adapter, as well as pouchdb.

    Prerequesite: Your PouchDB instance MUST provide the pouchdb-find plugin since it is used internally by the adapter to build and manage indexes

    npm install next-auth @next-auth/pouchdb-adapter pouchdb
    1. Add this adapter to your pages/api/[...nextauth].js next-auth configuration object.
    import NextAuth from "next-auth"
    import Providers from "next-auth/providers"
    import { PouchDBAdapter } from "@next-auth/pouchdb-adapter"
    import PouchDB from "pouchdb"
    // Setup your PouchDB instance and database
    PouchDB.plugin(require("pouchdb-adapter-leveldb")) // Or any other PouchDB-compliant adapter
      .plugin(require("pouchdb-find")) // Don't forget the `pouchdb-find` plugin
    const pouchdb = new PouchDB("auth_db", { adapter: "leveldb" })
    // For more information on each option (and a full list of options) go to
    export default NextAuth({
      providers: [
          clientId: process.env.GOOGLE_ID,
          clientSecret: process.env.GOOGLE_SECRET,
      adapter: PouchDBAdapter(pouchdb),
      // ...


    Memory-First Caching Strategy

    If you need to boost your authentication layer performance, you may use PouchDB's powerful sync features and various adapters, to build a memory-first caching strategy.

    Use an in-memory PouchDB as your main authentication database, and synchronize it with any other persisted PouchDB. You may do a one way, one-off replication at startup from the persisted PouchDB into the in-memory PouchDB, then two-way, continuous, retriable sync.

    This will probably not improve performance much in a serverless environment for various reasons such as concurrency, function startup time increases, etc.

    For more details, please see


    We're open to all community contributions! If you'd like to contribute in any way, please read our Contributing Guide.




    npm i @next-auth/pouchdb-adapter

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