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Stencil Command Line Interface

The unofficial command line interface for StencilJS.


Stencil requires a recent LTS version of NodeJS and npm. Make sure you've installed and/or updated Node before continuing.

You can install the Stencil CLI globally with command,

npm i -g @nerdic-coder/stencil-cli

Now the stencil command should be available in your command line tool.


Reusable Components

You can create a reusable stencil component or library with command,

stencil start-component my-component

Where my-component is the name you want for the component or library.

This will create a folder with the basics that you need to develop your component.

You can read more about how to create and publish Stencil components in my article: How I created and published my first Stencil component

Building an app

You can build entire apps with Stencil, here is the command to get a starter app for Stencil,

stencil start-app my-app

Where my-app is the name you want for the app.

This will create a folder with the basics that you need to develop your awesome app.

Generating a component

With the following command you can generate a new Stencil component in your exisiting Stencil projects,

stencil generate my-component

Where my-component is the name you want for the new component.

This will create a new folder for the component under src/components, with a css file, unit test spec.ts file and the component tsx file.

Start development server

The following command is simply an alias to npm start that starts the Stencil development server.

stencil start

Wildcard command

If you write any other command after stencil it acts like an alias for a npm run script.

For example stencil build will run the npm run build command.


If you see anything that can be improved just let me know or fix it in a pull request. :)


To help develop this tool start with cloning it down to your machine and run npm install.

git clone stencil-cli
cd stencil-cli
npm install

To test your local changes run the following in the stencil-cli folder,

npm link

and now you should be able to run the stencil command anywhere and your changes is reflected instantly.



npm i @nerdic-coder/stencil-cli

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