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    ESLint Config Standards

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    $ npm install eslint babel-eslint @neogeek/eslint-config-standards --save-dev

    Then create a .eslintrc file in the root of your project with the following contents:

        "extends": ["@neogeek/eslint-config-standards"]


    See http://eslint.org/docs/rules/ for more information.

    This package enables errors on all of the available flags except the following:

    Best Practices

    Flag Description Value
    dot-location Enforce consistent newlines before and after dots 0
    no-magic-number Disallow Magic Numbers [2, {"ignore": [-1, 0, 1]}]

    ECMAScript 6

    Flag Description Value
    arrow-parens require parentheses around arrow function arguments ["error", "as-needed"]

    Stylistic Issues

    Flag Description Value
    implicit-arrow-linebreak Enforce the location of arrow function bodies with implicit returns 0
    max-len Enforce a maximum line length [1, 80, 4, {"ignoreComments": true, "ignoreTemplateLiterals": true}]
    max-lines Enforce a maximum file length 0
    object-curly-newline Enforce consistent line breaks inside braces 0
    one-var Enforce variables to be declared either together or separately in functions 0
    quotes Enforce the consistent use of either backticks, double, or single quotes [2, "single"]
    spaced-comment enforce consistent spacing after the // or /* in a comment ["error", "always", {"block": {"markers": ["!"]}}]


    Flag Description Value
    no-shadow disallow variable declarations from shadowing variables declared in the outer scope ["error", {"allow": ["err"]}]
    no-unused-vars disallow unused variables "no-unused-vars": ["warn", {"ignoreRestSiblings": true}]

    Extended .eslintrc Configuration

        "extends": [
        "rules": {
            "quotes": [2, "double"]
        "extends": ["@neogeek/eslint-config-standards/.eslintrc-tests"]

    Prettier Config

    Create a .prettierrc file with the following contents:

        "printWidth": 80,
        "tabWidth": 4

    Install the prettier-eslint-cli.

    $ npm install prettier-eslint-cli --save-dev

    Add NPM script for automation.

        "scripts": {
            "prettier": "prettier-eslint --eslint-config-path .eslintrc --write \"src/**/*.js\""


    npm i @neogeek/eslint-config-standards

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