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    This is the Modal UI package for NEAR Wallet Selector.

    Installation and Usage

    The easiest way to use this package is to install it from the NPM registry:

    # Using Yarn
    yarn add @near-wallet-selector/modal-ui
    # Using NPM.
    npm install @near-wallet-selector/modal-ui

    Then use it in your dApp:

    import { setupWalletSelector } from "@near-wallet-selector/core";
    import { setupModal } from "@near-wallet-selector/modal-ui";
    import { setupNearWallet } from "@near-wallet-selector/near-wallet";
    const selector = await setupWalletSelector({
      network: "testnet",
      modules: [setupNearWallet()],
    const modal = setupModal(selector, {
      contractId: "test.testnet",


    • contractId (string): Account ID of the Smart Contract used for sign in and signing transactions.
    • methodNames (Array<string>?): Specify limited access to particular methods on the Smart Contract.
    • theme (Theme?): Specify light/dark theme for UI. Defaults to the browser configuration when omitted or set to 'auto'. This can be either light, dark or auto.
    • description (string?): Define a custom description in the UI.
    • onHide ((hideReason) => {}?): Callback method triggered when close button is clicked in the UI.

    Styles & Customizing CSS

    Import modal css styles:


    /* Add import in the main css file */
    @import "~@near-wallet-selector/modal-ui/styles.css";

    React & Vue

    // Add import in the main component
    import "@near-wallet-selector/modal-ui/styles.css";

    These are the available css variables:


    Customizing css is done simply by updating the value of a variable in the root of your css file.

    :root {
      --wallet-selector-backdrop-bg: #26262630;

    API Reference

    You can find the entire API reference for Modal UI here.


    This repository is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).


    npm i @near-wallet-selector/modal-ui

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