Neural Processing Mechanisms

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    Fastest Snappy compression library in Node.js, powered by napi-rs and rust-snappy.

    For small size data, snappyjs is faster, and it support browser. But it doesn't have async API, which is important for Node.js program.

    Install this package

    yarn add @napi-rs/snappy

    Support matrix

    node12 node14 node16
    Windows x64
    Windows x32
    Windows arm64
    macOS x64
    macOS arm64
    Linux x64 gnu
    Linux x64 musl
    Linux arm gnu
    Linux arm64 gnu
    Linux arm64 musl
    Android arm64
    FreeBSD x64


    export function compressSync(input: Buffer | string | ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array): Buffer
    export function compress(input: Buffer | string | ArrayBuffer | Uint8Array): Promise<Buffer>
    export function uncompressSync(compressed: Buffer): Buffer
    export function uncompress(compressed: Buffer): Promise<Buffer>



    OS: Windows 10 x86_64
    Host: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-7C35
    Kernel: 10.0.19043
    Terminal: Windows Terminal
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (32) @ 3.400GHz
    Memory: 15959MiB / 32688MiB


    Running "Compress data" suite...
    Progress: 100%
        333 ops/s, ±2.10%   | fastest
      snappy node:
        163 ops/s, ±1.44%   | slowest, 51.05% slower
    Finished 2 cases!
      Fastest: @napi-rs/snappy
      Slowest: snappy node
    Running "Uncompress data" suite...
    Progress: 100%
        980 ops/s, ±1.85%   | fastest
      snappy node:
        256 ops/s, ±0.61%   | slowest, 73.88% slower
    Finished 2 cases!
      Fastest: @napi-rs/snappy
      Slowest: snappy node
    Running "Small size sync compress" suite...
    Progress: 100%
        505 211 ops/s, ±7.97%   | slowest, 47% slower
      snappy js:
        953 272 ops/s, ±0.37%   | fastest
    Finished 2 cases!
      Fastest: snappy js
      Slowest: @napi-rs/snappy


    npm i @napi-rs/snappy

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