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MX Design Tokens

A simple utility for sharing themed styling information.


To install the package via npm into another JS project, run the following command:

npm install @mxenabled/design-tokens

To import the default themed objects:

import { light, dark } from '@mxenabled/design-tokens'

To build a custom colored themed object:

import { buildTheme } from '@mxenabled/design-tokens'

const myCustomOverrides = {
  "Color": {
    "Brand300": "green"
  "Custom": {
    "ButtonHeight": 42,
    "InputText": "lime"

const greenTheme = buildTheme('light', 'react', myCustomOverrides)

Development Environment

Run the following commands in order to setup a local build environment:

git clone https://github.com/mxenabled/mx-design-tokens.git
cd ./mx-design-tokens
npm i
npm run build:all


Token Output Types Description
Markdown documentation for light theme tokens
  documentation for dark theme tokens theme tokens
JSON - React Web Apps
SCSS - Sass / Rails Apps
CSS - Other Web Apps
JSON - React Native Apps (work in progress...)
JSON - Mobile OS Apps (work in progress...)

Generate files from Tokens

Command Description
npm run build:all Builds everything in one easy step
npm run build Compile src files out to the dist folder
npm run build:docs Compile markdown documentation for viewing all the tokens
npm run build:json Compile static JSON files to use as style objects in React Web Apps
npm run build:scss Compile static SCSS variables to use in Sass / Rails Apps
npm run build:css Compile static CSS variables for use in any web project

Publishing to NPM

In order to make sure your changes make it to NPM you need to do the following steps in order after adding/changing tokens in the src directory:

  1. Update the package version in package.json
  2. Run npm install so that the package-lock.json updates with the new version
  3. Run npm run build:all to ensure all output files are up to date
  4. Update the CHANGELOG.md with your changes
  5. Merge the code into master
  6. Checkout the master branch
  7. Run npm publish
  8. Enter your OTP(one time password). This is the code from your 2 factor authentication for npm.




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