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You're looking at an experimental, extremely-minimal, functional library with a focus on clear source-code and readable function signatures. I've tried to design each function so that browsers and IDEs will generate readable function signatures and easy to debug code. Further, every exported function has an even simpler, haskell-style, <function>.signature string that you can examine.


Some of the challenges I've encountered learning Functional Programming in JavaScript are obtuse function signatures and implementations that are hard to debug. This project is designed to remedy these issues.

The goal is to provide simple, debuggable, functional programming building blocks that anyone can use while learning FP concepts. Implementations should be largely stand-alone, easy to read, and easy to debug. As a consequence, many of the included functions will contain duplicate and unoptimized code, but easier reading and reduced cognitive load should make the trade-off worthwhile.

This library is not meant to replace well-tested and engineered libraries like lodash/fp or Ramda. Instead, it's primarily meant to be a learning aid. I'll be using this library as part of the tutorials you can find at my website and GitHub profile. Please check them out … eventually!


Functional implements a subset of the Ramda API, but not the entire API. When you're ready, you can easily replace the Functional dependency with Ramda, without needing to refactor your code.


To keep this library simple and easily debuggable, I'll occasionally copy code from projects that have a compatible license into this project (instead of importing it as a dependency). When this is done, I'll include the original license with the source-code for that module, and (with permission) I'll give credit both here and in package.json's contributor field. Programming is hard work, and I can't thank the open-source community enough for the enormity of their multitudinous efforts!

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