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hls-dl is a NodeJS module that provides the ability to download HTTP Live Stream playlists, particularly M3U/M3U8 and MPEG-DASH playlist files. hls-dl is capable of downloading media and master streams, as well as actively live streams.


Capturing media from live streams is not always a straightforward task. hls-dl simplifies this process and provides the following features:

  • Supports http, https, and file:// protocols
  • Blazing fast speeds - average of 1.5-4x faster than other HTTP live-stream downloading modules
  • Downloads M3U/M3U8 media stream playlists
  • Provides stream object to easily retrieve output data
  • Simplified stream events for additional insight

Getting Started


To include hls-dl in your project, run the following command:

npm install hls-dl

or if you prefer using yarn:

yarn add hls-dl


hls-dl provides a readable stream object to download any data returned from a M3U/M3U8 media playlist file. This data can be be written to a file easily using Node's fs module. A number of examples are provided below to demonstrate capture from playlists that are located in the file system as well as online.

Example - Downloading an m3u8 media playlist stream and piping to a writable stream

Save file as example.js

const hlsdl = require('hls-dl');
const fs = require('fs');

const httpstream = hlsdl('https://example.com/path/to/your/m3u8/file.m3u8');

// additionally, a playlist file in the file system can be loaded as well
const filestream = hlsdl('file:///User/name/path/to/your/m3u8/file.m3u8');

Then execute the script using

node example.js

hls-dl will download all segments and begin piping to the writable stream after segment downloads have completed.

Example - Capturing events emitted from the stream

const hlsdl = require('hls-dl');
const fs = require('fs');

const stream = hlsdl('https://example.com/path/to/your/m3u8/file.m3u8');

stream.on('status', info => {
    // do something with info

Throughout the retrieval process, multiple events are emitted from the stream to indicate overall progression in the playlist capture. Additional events can be found in the API section below.



hlsdl(path, [options])

  • path <String> a path pointing to a file, http, or https link
  • options <Object> configurable options for the stream to use
    • parser <String> Specifies which parser to use, either m3u or mpd
    • timeout <Number> Number of milliseconds to wait before considering a segment fetch as timed out
  • returns <Stream.Readable> A readable stream that will output playlist segment data

This method will immediately begin capture of the specified playlist and return the readable stream


event: 'segment'

  • info <Object> returns an object of information regarding a segment
    • id <Number> the segment's internal id
    • url <String> path to the segment's origin
    • size <Number> the size of the segment's buffer
    • totalsegments <Number> the total number of segments

Emitted when a new segment has been saved and pushed to the readable stream. Returns an object.

event: 'status'

  • status <String> returns a string of information

Emitted throughout different points of the script being run including: parsing the playlist, downloading segments, download completion, pushing segments to the stream, and notifying playlist completion

event: 'issue'

  • issue <String> returns a string of information

Emitted when an error or issue occurs, but does not break the script. Any point in which an issue is emitted, a self-fixing mechanism is triggered to resolve the issue.


Current Tasks

Due to the package being actively developed, there are a number of items in the development backlog which are currently being worked on. A list of these features is provided below:

  • MPD playlist download
  • MPD live playlists

Future Tasks

A number of features that would be nice to complete but are not considered a priority to develop are provided below. If there are any requests to complete these features sooner, they may be moved into the current iteration. These features are listed below:

  • M3U master playlists
  • M3U encrypted media streams

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