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    Muffin Dev for Node - Init, the project initializer

    Init is a tool for generating Node projects (apps or packages) with the configurations used on several Muffin Dev projects.

    It also setups configurations for several use cases:

    • Prepare an app or web worker project for Heroku deployment
    • Prepare an app project for Surge deployment
    • Prepare a package for browser usage with rollup
    • Add an executable for a package (and provide CLI tools by installing commander)
    • Setup Typescript or let you develop with vanilla JS
    • Setup ES Lint
    • Initialize a Git repository

    Note that this tool is perfect for my development process. But feel free to contact me for any additional operations that can suits your needs! ;)

    Installation & user guide

    You can use it without installing the module using npx:

    npx @muffin-dev/init

    Or you can install it globally using npm, then run it with the init command:

    npm i -g @muffin-dev/init

    And then... just answer the questions!


    You can also pass the project path to the @muffin-dev/init command directly, so it will skip the first question:

    npx @muffin-dev/init /path/to/project


    npm i @muffin-dev/init

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