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Project Vitruvius

The goal of Project Vitruvius is to create a framework agnostic component library & CSS Framework adhering to the specifications provided by the design team at MoxiWorks. To accomplish this, we're using TailwindCSS and Lit-Element respectively.


  1. Fork and clone repository locally.
  2. Run npm install to install dependencies locally.
  3. Run npm run dev to start the dev server.

Vitruvius will then be running http://localhost:9000 out of the dist directory.

Understanding the Relationship Between the Src and Dist directories

Vitruvius is only an icon library for MoxiWorks. The files of importance live inside the following directories:

  1. Fonts: src/styles/fonts/...
  2. Font CSS: src/styles/vitruvius-icons.css

The VueJS application wrapping a UI around the fonts is located in the dist directory.

When you run npm run dev the website running on port 9000 is located in the dist directory. On save of the above files, they are dynamically placed in the dist directory while you develop. Once satisfied, you can run the build and publish process below.

Building and Publishing

Below is information on working on forked develop branch and building from the upstream repository then pushing to NPM.

While still on the Develop Branch

  1. Pull develop branch from upstream to assure you have the latest changes.
  2. Make sure you're happy with your updates and that they are properly represented inside of the development web application.
  3. Enter a pull request.

After Pull Request Has Been Brought into the Upstream Develop Branch

Assuming you're working on the upstream repository, you can now do the following:

  1. Merge pull request from develop branch.
  2. Run npm run dev checking the site on port 9000 to assure everything looks right.
  3. Shut down npm run dev.
  4. Run npm run build ON DEVELOP BRANCH.
  5. Push that to develop branch.
  6. Run git checkout master.
  7. Run git merge develop.
  8. Run git tag ${version from package.json}.
  9. Run git push origin master.
  10. Run git push --tags.
  11. As long as you have permissions (https://www.npmjs.com/settings/moxiworks/members) npm publish --access public




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