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    @motorcycle/run -- 4.1.0

    A statically-typed, functional and reactive framework for modern browsers

    Get it

    yarn add @motorcycle/run
    # or
    npm install --save @motorcycle/run

    API Documentation

    All functions are curried!

    run<Sources, Sinks>(Main: Component<Sources, Sinks>, IO: IOComponent<Sinks, Sources>)

    Gets the Motorcycle engine roaring! This is the core of Motorcycle. It creates an application loop between your purely functional Main function, and your side-effectful IO function using @most/core.

    This is made possible by the use of the ES2015 Proxy. This means that Motorcycle will only support modern browsers with this feature. All major browsers, still supported by their vendors(Google, Microsoft, Apple), support this feature.

    See an example
    import { run } from '@motorcycle/run'
    import { makeDomComponent, div, button, h2, query, clickEvent } from '@motorcycle/dom'
    function Main(sources) {
      const { dom } = sources
      const click$ = clickEvent(query('button', dom))
      const count$ = scan(x => x + 1, click$)
      const view$ = map(view, count$)
      return { view$ }
    function view(count: number) {
      return div([
        h2(`Clicked ${count} times`),
        button('Click Me'),
    run(Main, makeDomComponent(document.querySelector('#app')))
    See the code
    export function run<
      Sources extends Readonly<Record<string, any>>,
      Sinks extends Readonly<Record<string, Stream<any>>>
    >(Main: Component<Sources, Sinks>, IO: IOComponent<Sinks, Sources>) {
      const { stream: endSignal } = createProxy<void>()
      const sinkProxies = {} as Record<keyof Sinks, ProxyStream<any>>
      const proxySinks: Sinks = createProxySinks(sinkProxies, endSignal)
      const sources: Sources = IO(proxySinks)
      const sinks: Sinks = createDisposableSinks(Main(sources), endSignal)
      const disposable = replicateSinks(sinks, sinkProxies)
      function dispose() {
        endSignal.event(scheduler.currentTime(), void 0)
      return { sinks, sources, dispose }


    npm i @motorcycle/run

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