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n8n - Workflow Automation Tool

n8n.io - Workflow Automation

n8n is a free and open fair-code distributed node based Workflow Automation Tool. It can be self-hosted, easily extended, and so also used with internal tools.

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📺 A short demo (< 3 min) which shows how to create a simple workflow which automatically sends a new Slack notification every time a Github repository received or lost a star.

Available integrations

n8n has 200+ different nodes to automate workflows. The list can be found on: https://n8n.io/nodes


The official n8n documentation can be found under: https://docs.n8n.io

Additional information and example workflows on the n8n.io website: https://n8n.io

Create Custom Nodes

It is very easy to create own nodes for n8n. More information about that can be found in the documentation of "n8n-node-dev" which is a small CLI which helps with n8n-node-development.

To n8n-node-dev

Additional information can be found on the documentation page.

Hosted n8n

If you are interested in a hosted version of n8n on our infrastructure please contact us via: hosting@n8n.io

What does n8n mean and how do you pronounce it?

Short answer: It means "nodemation" and it is pronounced as n-eight-n.

Long answer: I get that question quite often (more often than I expected) so I decided it is probably best to answer it here. While looking for a good name for the project with a free domain I realized very quickly that all the good ones I could think of were already taken. So, in the end, I chose nodemation. "node-" in the sense that it uses a Node-View and that it uses Node.js and "-mation" for "automation" which is what the project is supposed to help with. However, I did not like how long the name was and I could not imagine writing something that long every time in the CLI. That is when I then ended up on "n8n". Sure does not work perfectly but does neither for Kubernetes (k8s) and did not hear anybody complain there. So I guess it should be ok.


If you have problems or questions go to our forum, we will then try to help you asap:



If you are interested in working for n8n and so shape the future of the project check out our job posts:



Before you upgrade to the latest version make sure to check here if there are any breaking changes which concern you: Breaking Changes


n8n is fair-code distributed under Apache 2.0 with Commons Clause license

Additional information about license can be found in the FAQ


Have you found a bug 🐛 ? Or maybe you have a nice feature to contribute ? The CONTRIBUTING guide will help you get your development environment ready in minutes.


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