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Mopinion Survey

Mopinion Survey allows you to easily install Mopinion surveys into your application and collect feedback without using external JavaScript. Usually you'll want to use Mopinion Survey together with Mopinion Deploy which allows you to use our deployments inside the Mopinion application to easily setup which surveys should show where on your website. However you can manually trigger surveys as well.


Install Mopinion Survey via npm:

npm install @mopinion/survey --save

Or install with yarn:

yarn add @mopinion/survey


If you need help, want to report an issue or have a question you can reach out to our Support Team via support@mopinion.com. Please make sure to include your Mopinion account when contacting our Support Team.


Build your surveys inside the Mopinion application and use the following code to run the survey on your website.


import mopinionSurvey from '@mopinion/survey';

const options: {
  key: string,
  domain: string,
  triggerMethod: 'passive' | 'proactive',
  container: HTMLElement,
  showButton?: boolean,
  forceType?: 'modal' | 'slide' | 'embed'
} = {
  key: 'dadw345t34rtgergmfsdmkfsdasd',
  domain: 'app.mopinion.com',
  triggerMethod: 'passive',
  container: document.body


key - required

The key refers to your Mopinion feedback form key, copy it inside the application.

domain - required

The domain refers to your custom Mopinion subdomain otherwise it's 'app.mopinion.com'.

triggerMethod - required

The trigger method property specifies how the form will show. 'passive' will render a feedback button which controls the open state of the form. 'proactive' will open the form without a button. In the case that the form is an embedded form no button will show for either setting.

container - required

Pass an HTML element which is used as a container for your survey. This is mostly relevant for embbeded type forms.

showButton - optional

Allows you to force a feedback button to show as well when triggering a form with proactive

forceType - optional

Allows you to override the setting for display type set in the Mopinion application.

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