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    Express middleware to provide alternate formatting of data when requested.

    Simple example

    var emf = require('@momsfriendlydevco/express-middleware-formatter');
    app.get('/api/data', emf(), function(req, res) {
    # If /api/data is requested - normal JSON will be sent
    # If /api/data?format=csv - JSON data will be transformed into CSV
    # If /api/data?format=xlsx - JSON data will be transformed into XLSX
    # etc.



    Function which returns formatting middleware.

    Supported options:

    Option Type Default Description
    filename string Unset If set this will be the filename used for any output format that requires a filename, overriding their own format specific filenames
    forceArray boolean false Wrap the data in an array if the data provided is an object
    format string or function See source Forced format to return as a string or if a function how to determine the format. By default this uses the req.query.format property if present
    key string null Extract tabular data from this key path (dotted or array notation is supported) instead of assuming the whole JSON response is the tabular data
    unpack function or array <function> Undefined A function or array of functions to run to mangle the data into something that can be processed, promise returns are supported. Called as (data, req, res, settings)
    csv object CSV specific options
    csv.filename string "Exported Data.csv" Default filename when exporting as CSV
    html object HTML specific options
    html.download boolean false If false, the HTML will be shown in the browser, if true the file will be forced as a download
    html.filename string "Exported Data.html" Default filename when exporting as HTML
    html.footer string (Simple HTML footer) Set the HTML suffix after outputting the body content for HTML
    html.header string (Simple HTML header) Set the HTML prefix before outputting the body content for HTML
    html.passthru boolean false Force the HTML output plugin to compute the data but not resolve the response - used internally by upstream formatters like pdf
    ods object ODS specific options
    ods.filename string "Exported Data.ods" Default filename when exporting as ODS
    pdf object PDF specific options
    pdf.download boolean true If false, the PDF will be shown in the browser (if the browser supports it), if true the file will be forced as a download
    pdf.filename string "Exported Data.pdf" Default filename when exporting as PDF
    xlsx object XLSX specific options
    xlsx.checkArray boolean true Verify that the input is an array, disable this if picking your own fields when using xlsx.template
    xlsx.filename string "Exported Data.xlsx" Default filename when exporting as XLSX
    xlsx.sheetName string "Exported Data" Default sheet name in the exported file
    xlsx.template string or function If specified use @mfdc/spreadsheet-templater to format the XLSX output (see notes)
    xlsx.templateData function (req, res, settings, content) => content How to mangle the content data before its passed to @mfdc/spreadsheet-templater


    • Since EMF has to extend the res.send() / res.json() Express functions, EMF must be installed as a middleware before calls to those functions occur. Thus: app.get('/somwhere', emf(), (res, res) => ...) is valid, app.get('/somwhere', (res, res) => ..., emf()) is not.
    • Extracting data from a specified key occurs before unpack is processed
    • An array of items in unpack are evaluated in series, any combination of simple function return and promise return are supported
    • If xlsx.template is specified or if it returns a path to a valid file it the input data (post unpack) will be passed to @mfdc/spreadsheet-templater for formatting. This allows a template XLSX file which gets passed the input data
    • If xlsx.template is a function it is called as (req, res, emfSettings, content)
    • If xlsx.template is an async function or returns a promise it will be resolved asynchronously before continuing
    • As with the above point @mfdc/spreadsheet-templater is an optional dependency and must be installed at the project level if xlsx.template is specified


    An object of all the supported output formats. The key is the short format name (csv, pdf etc.) with the key as the export of the format module.


    Function used internally to take a nested object and return an flattened object in dotted notation.


    Function used internally to expand dotted notation object keys into a nested object.


    npm i @momsfriendlydevco/express-middleware-formatter

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