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    Tools to pull in, manipulate and cache Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Weather Radars.

    Retrieving your local area ID.

    Go to the BOM website and type in the approximate area name. The code will be listed to the left. For example "Wollongong" mid-range radar has the code IDR032 so supply the ID 032 to retrieve data from this radar.


    Create an animated Radar image for the Radar over Sydney:

    var Bom = require('@momsfriendlydevco/bom');
    new Bom()
    	.set('id', '032')
    	.set('composite.format', 'mp4')
    	.composite(function(err, path) {
    		console.log('MP4 video created at:', path);


    This module uses the Debug NPM to output debugging information to the console. Simply set DEBUG=bom when running whatever upstream library this module is contained in to see debugging information.


    BOM (class)

    The main class instance.

    Construct this with optional settings to initialize.

    var bom = new Bom({id: '032'}); // Sydney

    bom.settings (object)

    Object used to store all settings for this instance. These can be set during the constructor, via calls to set(key, val) or directly in this object.

    Supported settings:

    Setting Type Default Description
    id Number 032 The ID of the weather radar to use (see the README file for how to retrieve this
    host String "" The FTP host to communicate with to retrieve data
    framePath String "/anon/gen/radar" The path on the FTP host where the radar frames are located
    backgroundsPath String "/anon/gen/radar_transparencies" The path on the FTP host where the background layers are located
    cachePath String "${os.tmpdir()}/bom-cache" Where to locally store cached resources
    getThreads Number 1 How many FTP GET operations to support at once
    fetch Object See below Options for fetching data during a call to refresh()
    fetch.frames Boolean true Whether to attempt to refresh frame data
    fetch.backgrounds Boolean true Whether to attempt to refresh background layer data
    backgrounds Object {background:true,locations:true,topography:true} An object specifying which background layers to fetch / render
    clean Object See below Options for cleaning resources
    clean.olderThan Number 60*60*24*1000 (24 hours) The time (in milliseconds) from now which is used to expire resources
    composite Object See below Options for compositing an animated Radar file via composite()
    composite.autoClean Boolean true Automatically try to clean out expired radar images, disable if you are calling this manually
    composite.autoRefresh Boolean true Automatically try to refresh data, disable this if you are calling this manulally
    composite.cache Boolean true Attempt to provide the composite radar animation from a local resource instead of generating
    composite.cacheFileExpiry Number 60*60*100 (1 hour) How long the cached version of the composite should be allowed before expiry
    composite.cacheFile Function or String IDR{CODE}.composite.{EXT} How to calculate the cache file name
    composite.delay Number 50 Default delay (in milliseconds) between frames when compositing
    composite.format String gif An ImageMagick compatible multi-image file format to render
    composite.method String "path" What to actually return from composite(). Can be "path", "buffer", "stream"
    composite.removeAttribution Boolean false Whether to remove the 15px header bar added by the feed. Only set this to true if you are attributing the BOM elsewhere
    composite.arguments Array Complex, see source code The operations to perform via ImageMagick to output the composite file

    bom.set(key, value)

    Convenience function to quickly set an option. Dotted or array notation are both supported.

    	.set('fetch.frames', true)
    	.set(['composite', 'format'], 'mp4')
    	.composite(()=> ...)

    bom.refresh([options], callback)

    Attempt to refresh BOM radar data from the FTP site.

    The callback will be called as (err, {backgrounds, frames}).

    bom.cached([options], callback)

    Retrieve the files we have stored locally on disk. This operates the same as bom.refresh() and has the same return but does not connect to the FTP - only using local data.

    bom.clean([options], callback)

    Cleans out older radar images.

    The callback is called as (err, arrayOfImagesRemoved).

    bom.composite([options], callback)

    Create a composite image based on the cached data from bom.refresh() This function creates a single GIF / MP4 / Any multi-image file which has a background + animated radar layers.

    You can see a list of compatible multi-image files by running convert -list format and searching for any format with '+' in its Mode flags.

    The callback is called as (err, output) where output is the format requested in bom.settings.composite.method which can be "path" (default), "buffer" or "stream".


    Translate a BOM filename into a JavaScript Date.


    npm i @momsfriendlydevco/bom

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