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    MoiBit + Matic


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    MoiBitJS/matic uses MoiBitJS/core module to perform file actions and the provenance of files will be stored in Matic network.


    Just run the following npm command and the SDK will be installed.

    npm install --save @moibitjs/matic

    Get Started

    import  Matic  from  'maticjs'
    import  MoiBit  from  '@moibitjs/matic'
    // Initialize matic object
    let _matic = new Matic({
    	parentProvider : '',
    	maticProvider : ''
    // Initialize moibit object with matic object as parameter
    let  mFiles = new  MoiBit(_matic)
    await  mfiles.init('<your-url>',{
    	API_KEY :  '<your-api-key>'
    	API_SECRET : '<your-api-secret>'
    //needs signing of transaction to matic network that stores multihash for provenance, before adding file to moibit
    await  mfiles.add(file,'sample.txt')


    new MoiBit(maticObject)

    Bind your matic object to moibit

    var  mFiles = new  MoiBit(maticObject)


    Initialize your MoiBit Object with matic. Get your MoiBit account here. After signing up you will be getting API_KEY , API_SECRET , URL

    • url you got after signing up

    • accessToken is a combination of API_KEY and API_SECRET

    await  mFiles.init('<your-url>',{
    	API_KEY :  '<your-api-key>' ,
    	API_SECRET :  '<your-api-secret>'


    Add file of any type which will be stored in MoiBit and the returned multi-hash will be stored in matic chain where you are expected to sign a transaction.

    • file can be window file object or stream
    • path is an absolute path in your files directory at which you want the file to be inserted.
    • options
      • createFolders is a boolean value which specifies to create a folder/not if it is not existing , that was mentioned in above path attribute (default : true)
      • pinVersion is a boolean value which tells to pin the file while adding.(default : false)
    await  mFiles.add(fileObject,'parent1/folder2/file3.txt');,responseType)

    Returns file with specified return type only if the hash stored on-chain (ie., in Matic) and off-chain (ie., in MoiBit) are same, if not returns negative response

       	 validation : failed, 
       	 message : 'No record matching <off-chain hash>'
    • path is an absolute path

    • responseType can be anything among

      • arraybuffer , document , json , text , stream

      • blob - browser only


    to do more actions other than add & read with files module visit @moibitjs/core


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    1. Ayush Gupta
    2. Ganesh Prasad Kumble


    If you need more clarifications, feel free to join our Telegram or Slack community channels. You can also write us an email at


    GNU General Public License v3.0


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