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    Mocks Server Plugin Proxy

    Plugin for Mocks Server that provides a route handler that proxy requests to another host and pass response back to original caller.

    It uses the express-http-proxy package under the hood, and supports all of its options.


    This plugin is included in the main distribution of the Mocks Server project, so you can also read the official documentation website.

    Proxy routes

    If you want a route variant to use the proxy handler, define its handler property as "proxy". Use the host property to set the host for the route, and the options property to set any of the express-http-proxy options.

    module.exports = [
        id: "proxy-all",
        url: "*",
        method: ["GET", "POST", "PATCH", "PUT"],
        variants: [
            id: "proxy-to-google",
            handler: "proxy", // This route variant will use the "proxy" handler from this plugin
            host: "", // proxy host
            options: {} // Options for express-http-proxy
            id: "disabled",
            response: (req, res, next) => next(),

    Route variant options

    Mocks server common properties to all route handlers are in cursive. Specific properties of this plugin are in bold:

    Tip: Note that the delay option is still valid for routes handled by this plugin, so you can use it to simulate that host responses are slow.


    npm i @mocks-server/plugin-proxy

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